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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 922 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 922 Start

Everyone felt timid when they saw the scar woman being so cruel, but the Old Mrs. Willson was very happy, anyway, as long as she saw Elaine being beaten, she felt very happy.

Wendy also felt that this was really hateful. After seeing Elaine suffered so many beatings, she didn’t have the energy to slap her. A slap directly knocked her to the ground. This is the power that ordinary people can’t have.

Elaine was scared to death!

Being beaten is not a big problem for her, because she has not been beaten less in the past two days, and she has already practiced.

But the key is that she doesn’t know why this scar woman hit her.

Is she a member of that transnational fraud group, came to ask herself to settle accounts?

Just when Elaine was terrified, Gena said to the scared woman with a face: “Eldest sister, we are not familiar with this woman. If you want to beat her, you can beat her. It doesn’t matter if you kill her, but We still have to run, do you think we can keep running?”

The Scar Woman snorted coldly and said, “I don’t care if anyone waits, get out of me! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being polite!”

Gena hurriedly waved and shouted: “Sisters, come and run with me, 121, 121!”

People in the same cell hurriedly followed her and yelled chants. People in the 20s yelled 121 and hurried away.

Only the three women and Elaine remained at the scene.

Elaine was so frightened that she blurted out and asked, “Sister, where did I provoke you? At least tell me…”

Scar woman kicked Elaine’s belly, and she was clutching her belly and wailing on the ground.

Then, she took out a black bank card from her pocket and asked, “Elaine, you look up, do you recognize this card?”

As soon as Elaine looked up, her heart was shocked, this card is so special, how could she not recognize it, it is exactly the same as the card stolen from Charlie!

These three people are indeed from the fraud gang? !

In the morning, didn’t the police still tell her that they didn’t find a clue? Why are three accomplices caught now?

These three women even knew that they were 80% here to settle their accounts, and it is possible that they caused them to go to jail.

It’s over now, they won’t get angry and kill her?

He was obviously going to be released soon. Wouldn’t it be too miserable if someone killed him at this time?

So, she said with tears and nose bleeding: “I really don’t recognize this bank card, did you recognize the wrong person?”

“Admit it? Are you f*cking kidding me?”

The Scar Woman grabbed Elaine’s hair, slapped her face with a slap, and said, “Do you know why the three of us came in? It’s because of you, a woman, attracted the police and killed the three of us. Being arrested, let me tell you, the three of us are likely to be sentenced to life imprisonment, and this is all your doing!”

Elaine cried out, “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I am also a victim, I don’t know that there are so many things behind that card…”

Scar woman looked at her and shouted angrily at the two people around her: “d*mn, give me a hard hit, and beat her half to death! Anyway, she will be locked in for more than ten or twenty years, and we will do it every day. Beat her twice to relieve our anger, when will she be killed, and then will it be finished!”