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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 921 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 921 Start

Although Elaine was desperate in her heart, at the detention center, she knew that she had to listen to the prison guard, so she hurriedly followed everyone out of the cell.

When they arrived at the playground, the prison guard said: “First run three laps around the playground, and then freely move for half an hour. After half an hour, gather at the entrance of the playground and return to the cell!”

Everyone rushed to line up. Gena was the head of the cell, so she arranged the queue. She glanced at Elaine and said: “You stand in the front, everyone behind is staring at you, if you don’t run well , I will blow your head!”

Then she turned her head to look at other people and said, “You can help the Lady Willson run slowly, don’t exhaust her.”

The Old Mrs. Willson smiled and said: “Gena, you are really interested. Although I am old, my body is not bad. I don’t need anyone to support me. I just walk slowly behind you.”

Gena nodded, and then shouted, “Get ready, run!”

Elaine was at the forefront. Hearing this, she quickly endured the pain in her whole body and the weakness of not eating much for two days and nights, and started to run. Then everyone followed her.

Elaine is very weak, and she was uncomfortable as if she was about to fall apart, so after two steps, her legs were soft, one staggered and almost fell.

The woman behind her kicked her directly on the waist and cursed: “Sorry women who rob someone else’s husband, who run crookedly every step of the way, what else can you do?”

Another woman laughed and said, “This sorrowful woman can also grab someone else’s husband. Although she can’t run, she will run to someone else’s bed!”

Everyone burst into laughter, Elaine could only endure the humiliation deep in her heart, gritted her teeth and ran forward.

At this moment, Elaine saw three fierce women standing on the runway in the corner of the playground, staring in his direction as if looking at her.

As soon as she ran past the three women, one of the women stretched out a hand and grabbed her shoulder.

Elaine was caught, and the whole team stopped. Gena came up and asked, “What are the three of you doing?”

These three women are fierce and vicious. The person who just stretched out her hand to hold Elaine had a scar on her face from the corner of her left eye to her right chin. This scar split her face in half. , Looks extremely scary.

Although Gena is the king and has total hegemony in her cell, in the final analysis she is nothing more than an ordinary peasant woman. Let her beat Elaine, she dares to beat, but she must not dare to let her attack someone with a knife.

So when she saw that there was a scar on the other’s face, she knew that this woman was absolutely extraordinary, she was an existence she couldn’t afford.

The scar woman said, “I’m looking for a person named Elaine, is it your cell? Which one is her?”

When Elaine heard that she was looking for her, she was frightened and distraught, waved her hands again and again: “I don’t know, I have never heard of a person called Elaine…”

The Old Mrs. Willson pointed to Elaine, and said, “Don’t listen to this shameless woman being talking nonsense here, she is Elaine!”

Wendy also said: “Yes, it is her! She is Elaine! She is still a scammer!”

The Scar Woman turned her head to look at Elaine, and slapped Elaine’s face severely.

At first glance, this scar woman had practiced, and she had muscles all over her body, so her slap was much stronger than Gena’s and others.

This slapped Elaine directly to the ground.

Elaine was directly slapped by the slap, and fell to the ground with a bang, and then spit out a posterior molar, which was really miserable.