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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 920 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 920 Start

Old Mrs. Willson coldly snorted: “You still have the face to ask me, what did you do wrong? I tell you, as long as you are alive, as long as you can breathe, it is wrong. Your only correct choice is to die quickly. , Don’t waste air in this world!”

Elaine felt that her ears were about to be pulled off, and the pain was so painful, but she didn’t dare to have the slightest sense of disobedience, so she could only swallow the bitterness into her stomach, thinking that if she persisted, she could just persist this out!

After she goes out, this bad Lady Willson will also be released in less than ten days. At that time, this bad Lady Willson has no place to live, no place to eat, no place to drink, or she will go to death on the street. There is a chance to find her revenge!

Doesn’t this bad Lady Willson feel that she is going to be locked up in it for more than ten years?

She also wanted to take the letter written by her and go to live in her Tomson Villa, which is simply a dream!

She must have never imagined that it would be impossible for her to be detained here for more than ten years, and she will be released soon!

When the prison guards come to let her go, she believes this bad wife will be dumbfounded, dumbfounded, and even very painful, very depressed, and very angry!

Maybe it’s possible to die here on the spot.

The Old Mrs. Willson did not expect that Elaine might be released. She only felt that Elaine might stay in jail for the rest of her life.

That’s why she has always regarded the letter written by Elaine as a treasure, because with this letter in her hand, she can go to live in the big mansion of Tomson after only waiting for more than ten days from now.

“OMG, Tomson, how dare I think about it before.”

After staying in the Tomson First-Class this time, she said nothing would be possible to move away, and she would die in a mansion like Tomson First-Class.

She is more feudal and superstitious. She feels that only by dying in this kind of mansion can she devote herself to a wealthier family and enjoy a lifetime of prosperity.

At this time, the guards in the detention center stepped over.

Only then did Mrs. Willson reluctantly let go of Elaine’s ears. Just now, with all her strength, she pulled Elaine’s ears so red and swollen, and there was even some tearing and bleeding at the base of the ears.

Elaine’s painful tears burst, but when she saw the prison guard, she was almost crazy with excitement.

The prison guard is here, the prison guard is here to let her go!

“I am finally going to be free again!

I can finally return to the big mansion of Tomson, have a full meal, and sleep peacefully!

For more than two days, I didn’t eat anything except licking two mouthfuls of porridge on the ground, I didn’t sleep well, and I also had a fever. This feeling was simply too painful.”

So Elaine can’t wait to leave here quickly, leave here forever.

The prison guard strode to the cell, opened the door, and said, “It’s time to let the wind out, everyone lined up to the playground!”

“Out for the air?!”

Elaine’s heart was extremely excited, and instantly fell to the bottom.

Are the prison guards here to take everyone out? Isn’t she ready to let her out? Haven’t the police officers discussed whether they want to let her out?