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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 919 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 919 Start

After Elaine returned to the detention center from the police station for questioning, she has been waiting for the result with anxiety.

She didn’t know if the police would let herself go, so she could only pray in her heart.

In the two days since entering the detention center, Elaine has suffered. She has never suffered the painful torture in her life. Now she feels that she is on the verge of collapse. If they not let her go out, she will really have to die here.

Old Mrs. Willson knew that Elaine was called to the police station for questioning in the morning, and she felt a little worried in her heart.

She was afraid that Elaine would tell the police officers that she and Gena tortured and beat her.

Moreover, she was also worried that Elaine would apply for a cell change with the police officer.

If the police officer replaced her, wouldn’t she lose the greatest pleasure?

For so long, the Willson family has suffered so many misfortunes and tribulations, that the Old Mrs. Willson’s mood has been very low. It was not until Elaine and her were locked up in the same cell that she regained the joy and joy of life.

The thought that Elaine might have been in prison for more than ten or twenty years, and that she would be able to go out after waiting for more than 10 days, the Old Mrs. Willson felt excited.

Seeing Elaine curled up in the corner of the cell, the Old Mrs. Willson was very playful. She stepped up to Elaine and asked with a smile: “Oh, I heard you were called to the police station for questioning?”

Elaine looked at her, shivering: “Yes, mother, I was called to ask about the situation.”

Old Mrs. Willson asked coldly: “Then did you talk nonsense with the police? Did you not complain to them?”

Elaine hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Don’t worry, mom, I didn’t tell the police what happened in the cell. They came to me to ask about the case.”

Old Mrs. Willson relaxed, snorted and asked her: “I said Elaine, have you consulted with a lawyer? How many years are you going to be sentenced to in this situation? Is 10 years and 15 years enough?”

Elaine shook her head repeatedly and muttered: “I haven’t found a lawyer yet, so I don’t know how long I will be sentenced.”

After returning, Elaine did not dare to say that she might be released soon.

Because once they knew she was going to be let go, they would definitely do everything possible to torture themselves severely before they left.

So Elaine decided to forbear, until the moment the police came to let him go.

The Old Mrs. Willson sneered and said proudly: “I have heard others say that in your case, at least 15 years will be sentenced!”

The Lady Willson said with a long sigh, but she said with excitement: “Oh, 15 years, Elaine, 15 days, I can’t stand it for 15 years, how will you take it then? I will worry about you when I think about it.”

Elaine said nonchalantly: “I don’t know ah! Mom! When I thought that I might be locked up in it for more than ten years, my heart was so cool…”

Gena stepped to Elaine at this time, and slapped her right and left, and then looked down at her: “Like you, a bankrupt woman who snatches someone else’s husband, don’t say you will be detained for more than ten years, even if you are detained for a lifetime. It doesn’t reduce the hate. Think about that Meiqing who was forced to the United States by you. Although I don’t know her, I haven’t even met her, but when I think of what you did to her, I want to do it for her. Bad breath!”

After that, she stretched out her hand to grab Elaine’s hair, crackling her face several times.

Elaine’s mouth soon shed blood, and at the moment Gena stopped, she did not expect that the Old Mrs. Willson on the side was also waiting to teach her.

Just as Gena stopped, the Old Mrs. Willson suddenly stretched out her hand, tightly grabbing Elaine’s ear, and pulling desperately, making Elaine cry out in pain.

Elaine grinned and asked, “Mom, why are you pulling my ears? Did I do something wrong, mom?”