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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 918 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 918 Start

Warnia glanced at Paul gratefully, and said to him, “That’s fine, since you have something to do, then I won’t bother you much, let’s get together again!”

Paul is indeed very high in EQ, and also very high in IQ. He can see that Warnia’s mind is all on Charlie, so he proposed to send Charlie to her. In that case, why not push the boat along the way and help her?

So Warnia said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, I’ll give it to you!”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile: “Well then, I will trouble you.”

Warnia smiled shyly, and said seriously: “Mr. Wade, don’t be so polite with me.”


Warnia left her bodyguard to carry the flower baskets to Paul. She pressed the elevator, reached out to block the elevator door, and said to Charlie, “Mr. Wade, please!”

Charlie nodded slightly, stepped into the elevator first, and Warnia followed in.

The elevator door closed, and the faint and advanced fragrance of Warnia’s body slowly penetrated Charlie’s nostrils.

Warnia’s taste is very high, the perfume on her body is light and long. Not only makes people feel very comfortable and refreshing, but it also smells not vulgar, and even makes people obsessive and addictive.

Standing with her, Charlie even had some contemplation in his heart.

It is undeniable that Warnia is indeed very beautiful, with a very noble temperament, and more importantly, this woman is too gentle when she is in front of him, and she can’t see the air of Missy.

The two left the Gemdale Building together, and Warnia personally opened the door of her Rolls-Royce and asked Charlie to sit in.

After getting in the car, Warnia respectfully asked Charlie next to her: “Mr. Wade, where are you going, I will see you off!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “Then please take me back to Tomson Villa.”

Warnia asked in amazement: “Mr. Charlie, are you going to do errands? Why are you going home suddenly?”

Charlie said with a smile: “The time to do something hasn’t arrived yet, I’ll go home and wait.”

Although Warnia was a little surprised, she nodded slightly and said, “Then I will take you back.”

As she said that, she plucked up courage again and asked expectantly: “Mr. Wade, when will you have time? I want to treat you to dinner…”

Charlie thought for a while and said, “Let’s take two days. There have been a lot of things recently, especially today.”

He has already explained to Issac very clearly that once he is ready to release Elaine, the detention center will specifically ask her to call him.

At that time, he will go and pick Elaine back.

The reason why he had to pick up Elaine himself was mainly because he wanted to see how miserable Elaine was now.

This woman, who dared to steal 21.9 billion, would never be able to learn a lesson if she didn’t suffer from it.

21.9 billion. If show mercy to her and she are not afraid of revealing identity, and he calls the police directly, Elaine will be sentenced to at least a suspended death sentence even if he doesn’t shoot her for such a large amount of money involved.

Let her go in and suffer for a few days and then let her out. It’s already very cheap for her!