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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 914 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 914 Start

Paul nodded in excitement, and blurted out: “Thank you so much, Mr. Charlie, I will arrange for someone to do it quickly.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Don’t worry, I haven’t finished talking yet.”

Paul hurriedly said respectfully: “Mr. Charlie, please tell me.”

Charlie said: “When you put a film on the glass, you also have to place a golden brave on the left and right sides. It must be made of pure gold to play the best role in fortune. Moreover, Paixiu is famous. The best way to keep money is to eat but not pull, but not to get in. This is tantamount to setting up a feng shui bureau for keeping money. After the money comes in, you can keep it, and your business will naturally flourish.”

Paul held a fist at Charlie with a grateful look, and said respectfully: “Mr. Charlie is indeed worthy of the title of Master. From today onwards, I, like everyone else, will respect you as Master!”

Charlie smiled and waved his hand: “You don’t need to call me Master. If you call me Master in front of my Old Master, or in front of your mother, I don’t know how to explain it to them. “

Paul blurted out: “From then on, in front of them, I will call you Mr. Charlie, but when not in front of them, I must call you Mr. Wade!”

Having said that, Paul immediately took out his checkbook again, and wrote and painted on it for a while. Then he tore off the check, dragged his hands to Charlie respectfully and said, “Master, this is a supply. Please accept your expenses.”

Charlie glanced at it and found that the check was written for 4 million, and he said to Paul: “One million is already a lot. You don’t need to be so polite with me. I will accept this million, but this 4 million you should take it back.”

Paul resolutely said: “No, Master, if it weren’t for you, I might just be in Aurous Hill in the future with not much wealth.”

Charlie waved his hand and smiled: “These are just some sayings about Fengshui. Even if I don’t point it out to you, you may not be able to make money. After all, your law firm has been in business for so many years and is already very famous. “

Paul said earnestly: “Master, it is true that when my dad opened a law firm, he first took a few cases and lost all of them, and the reasons for losing the case are strange. During that time, using my mother’s words Said, Dad happily drank cold water and stuffed his teeth.”

“Later, my mother invited a Feng Shui gentleman from Chinatown to see Feng Shui in my dad’s law firm. At first, my father rejected this kind of oriental feudal superstition, but when that Feng Shui gentleman clearly figured out what happened to my father After a few difficulties, my father realized that the mystic academic fengshui was really extraordinary!”

“Then the Feng Shui gentleman changed the layout of my father’s law firm and re-established a Feng Shui bureau for him. Since then, my father’s law firm has prospered.”

Speaking of this, Paul said with emotion: “If it weren’t for the Feng Shui man at the beginning, my father might have failed at the beginning of his business, so there would be no Smith Law Firm, which is why I am so firm. Believe in the reason of Feng Shui.”

Charlie didn’t expect that at the beginning of the Paul’s business, it was because of Feng Shui that it survived.

Feng Shui sometimes is so magical. When you are ready and owe the east wind, the east wind may not come.

Then no matter how you prepare, it is impossible to succeed.

Feng Shui, in the subtlety, plays the role of borrowing the east wind!