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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 913 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 913 Start

Paul was really curious about Charlie. From the beginning, he thought Charlie belonged to the Wade family of Eastcliff. Later, even though Charlie let him dispel this doubt, the title of Mr. Charlie still gave Paul a new name. doubt.

Asking Charlie to come over and show himself Feng Shui is actually Paul’s one-step temptation. He has already asked someone to watch Feng Shui specifically here.

If Charlie couldn’t tell after he came, that the Feng Shui Bureau had already been set up here, it would prove that he didn’t have such a level;

But if Charlie can see the Feng Shui Bureau here after coming, it will prove that Charlie’s level is extraordinary.

Paul did not expect that Charlie could see all the Feng Shui layouts here at a glance. The previous master also watched for a long time and studied for a long time before thinking about and laying out these.

Charlie was not angry about Paul’s suspicion. On the contrary, he admired Paul’s magnanimity. He would say whatever he wanted, without covering up. This kind of quality is very rare in today’s society.

So he said to Paul: “You want to see if I have this ability to learn. This is also human nature, but since I am here, I will charge you a fee for feng shui, which is also human nature. “

In fact, Charlie didn’t intend to ask Paul for money before he came. After all, he was the son of the Old Master’s lover, so he still had to give this little face.

But since Paul is so frank, one said one, and the other said two, then he should also get along with him in the same way.

When Paul heard this, he immediately said, “Of course! Since Mr. Charlie is invited, how can he not be paid for it!”

As he said, he took out the checkbook from his pocket without hesitation, drew on it for a while, tore it off and handed it to Charlie, saying, “Mr. Charlie, this 1 million is a little bit of my care. Please accept it. “

Charlie accepted the check with a slight smile, and said with a smile: “Then I would be more respectful than fate.”

After speaking, Charlie looked around, and said: “That means it is indeed seen by an expert, but the expert will inevitably omit something. For example, the entrance of the Jucai Fengshui Bureau is naturally There is nothing wrong with it, but the failure to make a corresponding layout behind this is really a failure.”

Hearing what he said, Paul hurriedly asked: “Mr. Charlie, what do you mean by this?”

Charlie smiled and said: “Feng Shui often says that purple energy comes from the east, wealth comes from the east, and your entrance faces east. There is nothing wrong with setting up the Jucai Fengshui Bureau, which means that money comes in from your entrance and enters your company. , This is a good start, but your company must be able to keep the money.”

After all, he pointed to the back of the company and said: “Look at this side of your company, there are all transparent floor-to-ceiling windows and transparent glass. There is no such thing in the Feng Shui Bureau, so you just come in from the entrance and stay let it go out directly from the back without stopping. Do you know what it is called?”

Paul asked nervously: “Please Mr. Charlie make it clear!”

Charlie laughed and said: “There is an old Chinese saying that bamboo baskets can be used to catch water. Why do you say that is because although the mouth of bamboo baskets can enter water, the gap itself is too big to retain water. If the company can’t retain money , It is very likely that your company will be big in and out in the future, with more money in and out, and in the end nothing will be left behind.”

Paul exclaimed and asked, “Mr. Wade, how should this situation be resolved?”

Charlie said lightly: “First of all, all glass must be filmed. As I said earlier, if the glass is transparent, it means nothing, but once it has a color, even if it is just a light brown color, it is equivalent to putting it on. The glass becomes a wall.”