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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 912 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 912 Start

For example, the famous Boeing Company is a super aerospace group that produces passenger aircraft, military aircraft and space shuttles.

It was named Boeing because of their founder, William Edward Boeing.

It is equivalent to the founder using his surname as the name of the company.

Another example is the world-renowned hotel company Hilton Group. Its founder is Conrad Hilton. This family is also the famous Hilton family.

Paul’s full name is Paul Smith, Paul is his first name, and Smith is his family name.

Since his father founded this law firm, he named it Smith Law Firm after his family name.

“Smith Law Firm” has been well-known internationally after many years of hard work by Paul’s father.

So this time Paul moved his office to Aurous Hill and directly chose the best cbd area in Aurous Hill for the company’s location.

And he chose the most prosperous and top-notch office building, Gemdale Building.

The Gemdale Building, with 58 floors, is the best and top five-star office building in Aurous Hill. Basically all the top enterprises in Aurous Hill and the country and even the world can settle in the Gemdale Building.

Because Paul Smith’s law firm is also very well-known, and it serves all of the world’s top 500 companies, they also pay great attention to their appearance.

It is worth mentioning that the Emgrand Group, which Wade Family bought for Charlie, is the largest group company in Aurous Hill, and it is mainly based on real estate.

The Emgrand Group owns a number of high-end office buildings in Aurous Hill, and these office buildings are operated by the Emgrand Group itself and have not been sold. This includes the entire Gemdale Building.

Charlie was a little surprised when he heard that Paul chose the company in the Gemdale Building.

Unexpectedly, he chose his property by such a coincidence.

But think about it carefully. The Gemdale Building is the best office building in Aurous Hill. A law firm like his is in need of a sufficient facade, so there is no other option except Gemdale Building.

After he had lunch at home, he took a taxi to Gemdale Building.

Paul’s law firm is on the 27th floor of the Gemdale Building. He took the elevator directly to the 27th floor. Paul was already waiting for him at the elevator entrance.

When he saw Charlie, Paul was very, very polite, and he came forward and said politely: “Oh, Mr. Charlie, it’s really hard for you to come here.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said to Paul: “It’s just a matter of raising your hand, don’t be so polite.”

Paul invited Charlie to walk in and said, “Mr. Charlie, I had already let someone rent the 27th floor of this Building a few months ago, and the renovation started immediately. Now the renovation is basically fast. The construction is completed, how about the overall Feng Shui? Is there anything that is not suitable, and if so, how to modify it?”

Charlie probably read it once, and soon found out that Paul had a very careful Feng Shui layout here. He smiled and said: “Paul, you seem to have seen an expert here, right? I think you have set up this entry point. The Jucai Fengshui Bureau can gather wealth; there is a disaster-avoidance Fengshui Bureau in the main hall. For legal business like yours, this type of Fengshui Bureau can avoid disputes to the greatest extent. Overall it is very good.”

Paul exclaimed and said: “Mr. Charlie, you are really smart, you can see my Feng Shui arrangement at a glance.”

Charlie said calmly: “Paul, your mother and my father-in-law have been classmates for so many years, so you don’t have to be too polite with me. But I’m very curious, since you have already found someone here to see Feng Shui, why do you invite me?”

Paul did not hide it at all, and said frankly: “It is true. Yesterday I invited you to help me see Feng Shui, mainly to see if you really have the true talents in this area. Now it seems to be abrupt. Please forgive me, Mr. Charlie!”