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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 911 Free Novel

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Xie Wenru, who was quite disdainful of Jacob just now, was a little more jealous of him at this moment.

In any case, his son-in-law can make Boyu so caring and respectful, which proves that Jacob is more important than himself in Boyu’s eyes.

He asked his old classmates about the background of Jacob’s son-in-law, who happened to have attended the last class reunion, so he smiled and said, “The son-in-law of Jacob seems to be a vagrant. It is said that he is a full-time worker at home. Mr. Wade what exactly does he do, we really don’t know.”

Xie Wenru is in business after all and has seen the world.

From Boyu’s attitude alone, he realized that he must never underestimate Jacob’s son-in-law.

Maybe the other party is still a very big person, otherwise it would be impossible for Boyu to be so respectful.

This also made him feel worried, fearing after ridiculing Jacob just now.

Aside from other things, just with Boyu’s respectful attitude, it can be seen that if he is really torn apart with Jacob, Boyu will definitely not be against him.

Therefore, he looked at Jacob with some fear, hesitated for a moment, and said: “Jacob, I was so embarrassed just now. They were all angry words made in anger. Don’t take it to your heart. Everyone is old classmate. It’s just a matter of just saying a few words, what do you think?”

Jacob knew very well in his heart that Xie Wenru was so arrogant just now, and suddenly became so polite at this moment, and even took the initiative to apologize to him, it must be because Boyu’s attitude made him realize that he was not so easy to mess with.

He didn’t want to just give up with Xie Wenru, but Meiqing also said at this time: “Jacob, both are classmates, don’t mention the unpleasantness just now.”

Jacob nodded and said to Xie Wenru: “Since Meiqing has spoken, I won’t mention it anymore. I am a person who does not offend others and I not like being offended. If you do not continue to trouble me, of course I will not put my foot on your tail.”

If someone talked to Xie Wenru like this, he would have exploded.

But at this time, he dared not clamor with Jacob anymore.

After all, this is in the Song family’s territory, and Boyu has such respect for Jacob. If he really makes trouble, he must be finished.

Therefore, he can only say in an utter anger, “Jacob, you have a lot of respect, I will definitely toast you later.”

Other students also noticed the change in Xie Wenru’s attitude. Everyone knew that Xie Wenru was a little jealous of Jacob.

Some people are also surprised, this Jacob, his son-in-law is really so good, can the Song family be so polite to him?

Jacob’s heart at this moment is also very proud. He didn’t expect that even though he didn’t bring his son-in-law, his son-in-law could still help him grow a face.

With this attitude of Boyu today, in the circle of classmates, no one should dare to underestimate him.


At this moment, Paul also took the car to his company “Smith Law Firm.”

Americans and Chinese act in different styles. Chinese seldom use their own names to name companies, because the Chinese as a whole still believe in acting low-key, obscure, and not too public.

The whole should highlight a modest way of doing things.

However, Americans are generally very high-profile. Well-known American companies are basically named after their founders.