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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 910 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 910 Start

Paul looked at the crowd at this time and said: “Uncles and aunts, please gather here, I will leave first.”

After finishing speaking, he specifically said to Jacob: “Uncle Willson, I’m leaving first.”

Jacob looked at Paul as if he were looking at half of his son, and said kindly: “Go, go, then go to work!”

At this time, Boyu saw Jacob, and he was surprised and said: “Oh, you are Mr. Willson, right?”

Jacob didn’t expect that the well-known Boyu, the housekeeper of the Song family, would even know him, so he was surprised and asked, “You…how do you know me?”

Boyu said respectfully: “Mr. Willson, let me tell you that Mr. Wade is so kind to the Song family that everyone in the Song family is grateful for Mr. Wade’s kindness. Don’t dare to forget it! You are Mr. Wade’s father-in-law, how could I don’t know you?”

Jacob suddenly realized!

It turned out to be in the face of his son-in-law Charlie…

It’s really getting harder and harder for his son-in-law to flicker. It turned out that the Orvel, who thought he was fooling, and Solmon White, who fudged him, are also very powerful. He didn’t expect that he would fool the Song family, the largest family in Aurous Hill.

Paul on the side was shocked. He naturally knew that the Mr. Wade that Boyu was talking about was Charlie.

But he really didn’t expect Charlie to be so awesome.

Even the head housekeeper of the Song family, Boyu, respectfully called him Mr. Wade.

And according to what he said, Charlie has great kindness to the entire Song family, is it the kindness that Charlie can see from looking at Feng Shui?

Thinking of this, he felt that Charlie’s image was a bit more mysterious. When he thought that he would come to his company to see Feng Shui this afternoon, he wanted to see if he could take the opportunity to learn some in-depth information about him.

Boyu said respectfully to Jacob at this time: “Mr. Willson, I didn’t expect you to be at this table today. In that case, I will serve you at this table today. If you have any needs, you can directly order certainly.”

Jacob’s classmates were shocked. Many of them were natives of Aurous Hill. Everyone knew how strong the Song family was, so no one thought that Jacob would have this kind of face.

Xie Wenru was also shocked.

He couldn’t figure out why Boyu, who was dismissive of himself, was so polite to Jacob!

He inquired about Jacob’s situation before, but he is nothing more than a fallen household man.

The Willson family has long been dying, and it is basically cold now. Jacob must have no capital himself, nothing more than an old rag.

However, why does Uncle Boyu have to respect him this old rag?

Is it just because of his son-in-law called Mr. Wade? !

Thinking of this, Xie Wenru was curious about Jacob’s son-in-law.

So, he asked a classmate next to him in a low voice, “Who is Jacob’s son-in-law?”