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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 91 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 91 Start

Charlie asked them to drag all these five people up, and said coldly: “Today, I spared you five dogs, but if any of you dare to disclose everything that happened today, I will kill his whole family and understand?”

The five immediately nodded frantically.

It is a blessing in misfortune to be able to pick up life at this time, how dare to disobey Charlie’s meaning!

Seeing that these five people were completely convinced by his own treatment, Charlie nodded in satisfaction and said to Lili’s father and Yuesheng: “If you cheat my brother, you will have to pay the price. You will change the restaurant to my brother’s name tomorrow, yourself. Get out of the restaurant with your daughter, do you understand?”

Yuesheng nodded like garlic: “I understand, I’ll get out of here tomorrow!”

Charlie said to Zhaodong’s father, Zhao Haifeng: “Your son cuckolded my brother and severely injured my brother. You will pay my brother two million in damages tomorrow. One point less will not work. Do you understand? “

Zhao Haifeng also hurriedly said: “Mr. Charlie, I will call you to take the money tomorrow!”

Charlie was only satisfied, and said to Orvel’s men: “Okay, you throw all the garbage out!”

A group of people immediately took the five people out.

After they were taken away, Charlie said to Biao, “Biao, you did a good job this time.”

Biao smiled and hurriedly said, “Mr. Charlie, this is what I should do!”

Charlie said lightly: “I will ask someone to transfer two million to your account as a reward for you.”

Biao was immediately ecstatic and bowed: “Thank you, Mr. Charlie!”

Although he has made a lot of money with Orvel, Mr. Orvel is really not so generous, and he can give two million for every shot.

Charlie directly sent a text message to Issac, asking him to help transfer money to Biao. Although he has a lot of money in his card, it is not convenient to operate now.

A minute later, the money went to Biao’s account.

Biao was so excited that he kept bowing to Charlie.

Charlie said to Orvel again: “Mr. Orvel, you must not look down on these two million.”

Mr. Orvel said hurriedly, “Mr. Charlie, it is my honor to share your worries for you.”

Charlie gave a hum, and said, “I will remember this favor, and I will give you a chance to rise above and beyond.”

Hearing this, Orvel immediately knelt on the ground, banged his head at Charlie.

For Mr. Orvel, what he wants is not money, but a higher level.

However, for a person like him, it’s hard to climb to the next level.

Issac was the object he had always wanted to fawn on, but Issac never looked down on him because his background was too low and dirty.

Now, with a word from Charlie, it is very likely that Issac will lead him so that in the future, he will really be able to take it to the next level!

After discussing the merits, Charlie turned around and said to Stephen, “Are you satisfied with today’s affairs?”

Stephen was extremely shocked.

He really didn’t understand why Charlie had become so powerful.

Even the underground emperor of Aurous Hill must kneel in front of him!

He froze for a long time before he came back to his senses, and hurriedly said: “Satisfied! Satisfied!”

Charlie said, “I’m returning you to the restaurant. I will also get you two million for the loss. The rest of the future will depend on you!”

Stephen said immediately: “Charlie, I will definitely be a cow and a horse for you in the future, and repay your kindness! No matter what you ask me to do, I will say nothing!”