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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 908 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 908 Start

Xie Wenru smiled and said: “You, you have to figure out that you are a married man after all, so don’t mess around with flowers outside, and don’t be unruly towards other women, otherwise, once Elaine’s shrews know , she will definitely not spare you.”

Jacob suddenly became angry and blurted out: “Xie Wenru, what are you talking about here? When did I get in trouble, and when did I feel bad about other women? I tell you, don’t think you have two bad money. You can point to sang and curse here, Jacob will not eat yours!”

Meiqing’s expression was very embarrassed, and her voice became a little angry, and she said, “You two are endless, right? What I said just now, we are here for a class reunion today, not to make you arguing here. If you are still like this, then I will leave!”

Jacob said innocently: “Meiqing, you heard it too, it’s the old [email protected] Xie Wenru who is fanning the flames by the side!”

Xie Wenru was also a well-known Hong Kong businessman anyway, and he was confessed wherever he went. At this time, Jacob was scolded as an old [email protected], and he was naturally very dissatisfied.

So he slapped the table and stood up and shouted angrily: “Jacob, who the f*ck do you say is the old [email protected]?”

Jacob’s this also came up, glaring at him and said, “I’m talking about you, what’s wrong?”

Xie Wenru said coldly: “Jacob, don’t think it’s an old classmate, I can’t do anything to you, I tell you, you really annoy me, I make you can’t eat, you think I am going back from Aurous Hill to Hong Kong , Can I be bullied by a worm like you? Don’t weigh and weigh what strength you have and yell at me?”

Jacob suddenly felt a little guilty. If he wanted to talk about his strength, he wouldn’t even be able to get 10,000. The villa he lived in was also abducted by his son-in-law, and compared with a vendor like Xie Wenru, it was useless at all.

If he really angered Xie Wenru, he might not be able to offend him.

When he was riding a tiger, Paul hurriedly said: “Two uncles, this game is for my mother’s team today, so please give my mother a face and don’t quarrel in my mother’s team. “

Jacob immediately borrowed the donkey from the slope and blurted out: “Paul, uncle looks at your face and doesn’t have the same knowledge as him!”

Xie Wenru said annoyedly: “After you scold me, you still say you don’t have the same knowledge as me? Do you believe that I’m licking you now?”

Meiqing’s expression became frosty, and she asked coldly, “Xie Wenru, what do you want? If you really don’t listen to advice, then I can only ask you to go out. Don’t blame me for disregarding the love of my classmates.”

Xie Wenru was very annoyed. It was obvious that he was scolded. Why didn’t Meiqing look at him at all?

Jacob also felt that his face couldn’t hold back. How should he respond when he was scolded in public? Hard? Will he really come up and smoke himself?

At this moment, a 60-year-old Old Master stepped in.

When the Old Master saw Paul, he smiled and said, “Mr. Paul, the chef has already prepared the food. I wonder if you can start the food?”

Paul looked at the Old Master and said in surprise: “Oh, Boyu, why are you here in person?”

With a cry of Boyu, everyone at the dinner table was shocked!

Boyu? Could it be Boyu, the chief steward of the Song family in Aurous Hill?

Everyone knows that this Boyu is a great figure with great status and face in Aurous Hill!