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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 906 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 906 Start

Xie Wenru has been waiting for Meiqing since he entered the box. Now that Meiqing is here, he is naturally looking at her intently.

He found that Meiqing was still so beautiful, so outstanding, so intoxicating.

He didn’t dare to imagine that Meiqing was 50 years old, and she could be so beautiful.

This also strengthened his belief in pursuing Meiqing.

But he never expected that Meiqing, who he had been thinking about it for more than 20 years, would walk in with Jacob, the s*umbag who had hurt him before.

He couldn’t help feeling angry, and stood up and questioned Jacob: “Jacob, why are you embarrassed to come up with Meiqing? What you did to Meiqing back then, we all know well, if it weren’t for you, a s*umbag, Meiqing How is it possible that you have lived in the United States for so many years? You should be very ashamed of it in your heart. If I were you, I would have no face at all!”

Jacob was also very angry. He said annoyedly: “Xie Wenru, don’t speak too much. Anyone with a discerning eye knows what happened back then, you can’t blame me at all!”

As he said, he added: “Do you think you’ve had a better life in the past twenty years? I tell you, in the past twenty years, you regret more than anyone and feel ashamed than anyone!”

Xie Wenru said dubiously: “You are ashamed! So I advise you to leave quickly, you shouldn’t come for this meal.”

At this time, Meiqing suddenly spoke and said, “It’s all right, you don’t want to talk about the old sesame seeds and rotten grains. It is not when you were young, you liked to talk about gossip. Forty or fifty years old, why do you still say this?”

After speaking, she looked around for a week and said seriously: “Every one of you here is personally invited by me, so there must not be any unpleasantness between you.”

Jacob sneered at this time and said to Xie Wenru: “Xie Wenru, have you heard? Even Meiqing said that. What qualifications do you have to drive me away?”

After finishing speaking, he patted his forehead and said: “Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you, I didn’t just come up with Meiqing, I picked her up at the hotel where Meiqing lived this morning, and then went to my alma mater together. I remembered our youth back then, and then came to meet with you, why? Do you have any opinions?”

When Xie Wenru heard this, he felt uncomfortable.

After all, he has always had a unilateral crush on Meiqing, unlike Jacob.

Jacob and Meiqing had been together for a long time.

Moreover, the two of them were really talented and beautiful at the time, and they were the most standard pair recognized in the school.

Therefore, there are many stories between these two people, and the two of them went back to their alma mater to recall the past, which in itself seemed a little ambiguous.

Xie Wenru was very depressed. When he didn’t know how to refute, the young Paul opened the door and said to Meiqing with a smile: “Mom, I have already greeted Boyu, the housekeeper of the Song family, today you and yours classmates gather here, and he will arrange everything properly, so you don’t have to worry about it, just gather with your uncles and aunts.”

When everyone saw Paul, they couldn’t help but marvel, and a woman blurted out, “Oh, Meiqing, isn’t this your son? How handsome!”

Meiqing nodded lightly and said to everyone: “Come on, let me introduce you to everyone. This is my son. His name is Paul Smith.”

Another person exclaimed: “Oh, Meiqing, your son is still a mixed race, he was born to your American husband, right?”

Meiqing smiled and said, “I didn’t give birth to my husband’s, but who else could I give birth to?”

Everyone laughed.

Xie Wenru asked at this time: “Hey, by the way, Meiqing, Paul should also have a Chinese name?”

Meiqing nodded and said with a smile: “Of course, Paul’s Chinese name is my last name.”

Everyone hurriedly asked curiously: “Then what is Paul’s Chinese name?”

Paul smiled slightly and said, “Uncle and Auntie, my Chinese name is Han…”

Before the latter words came out, Meiqing hurriedly interrupted: “Today is our party, not with my son. Let him go first. Let’s relive the old together with the elderly!”