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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 905 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 905 Start

Hearing what Xie Wenru said, Jacob felt a little guilty.

He was indeed afraid that Xie Wenru would become his rival in love, but he certainly couldn’t say such things among his classmates.

After all, he is now married.

Therefore, he could only say in the group against his will: “I’m afraid you have been in Hong Kong for so long, and suddenly you feel uncomfortable when you come back to Aurous Hill. We are all old and our bodies are getting old, so we rashly change to a different water and soil. In cities, maybe the health is going to be a problem.”

Xie Wenru laughed twice and said, “I am in good health, so I won’t bother you!”

Jacob didn’t bother to talk to him anymore, put his phone in his pocket, and said to Meiqing beside him: “Meiqing, let’s go inside and go shopping.”

Meiqing nodded, and went on walking around the alma mater with him.

After 10 o’clock, Meiqing checked the time and said to Jacob next to her: “The class reunion arrives at 11 o’clock. I think it’s almost the time. Let’s pass now.”

Jacob nodded, smiled and said: “Okay.”

Later, he drove his BMW 5 Series and brought Meiqing to the brilliant club.

This time, Paul booked for Meiqing on the fourteenth floor of the Brilliant Club. This is already the top level of the Brilliant Club, which normal members can reach.

Jacob couldn’t help being a little surprised!

The last time he relied on his son-in-law Charlie to know Lord Mr. Orvel, he went to the tenth floor once.

But never expected that this time Paul would be able to book directly to the fourteenth floor!

It is said that the 15th floor is used by the Song family and is not open to the public. In other words, Paul should be the most senior member here.

Moreover, the tenth floor of the Brilliant Clubhouse is already very, very luxurious, isn’t the fourteenth floor going to be luxurious to the sky?

Walking up the elevator, Jacob couldn’t help asking Meiqing next to him: “Meqing, is Paul and the Song family good friend?”

Meiqing nodded and said, “After all, we have had a cooperative relationship for so many years, and we have helped them solve a lot of problems legally, so the Song family is fairly polite to us.”

Jacob was amazed in his heart. It seemed that Paul, a young man, was really young and promising.

The two came to the huge luxury box on the fourteenth floor, and many old classmates were already waiting in the box.

This box has a table that can accommodate 50 people for dinner at the same time. The table is huge and very luxurious.

The entire table is electric. As long as a person sits there, the food will rotate in front of him repeatedly at a constant speed, ensuring that everyone can taste every dish.

Moreover, such a large table, full of 100 dishes, is extremely luxurious.

It is said that the standard for such a meal starts at least 20,000 per person.

There are more than 40 old classmates who came here today, which is much more than last time. It is estimated that Paul’s expenses for this entertainment will be at least more than 1 million.

Seeing Meiqing and Jacob come in together, many old classmates were dumbfounded.

Someone who has something good directly points out and asks: “Meiqing, why are you here with Jacob?”

“Did you two meet down by accident? Or did you two come together?”

Among the crowd, a very stylish middle-aged and elderly man in a high-end suit with a big back combed his head. At this time, his eyes were staring at Meiqing, and he was Xie Wenru.