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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 904 Free Novel

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Therefore, Xie Wenru immediately replied in the group: “Hey, my wife has passed away long ago. It seems that Meiqing and I have the same fate…”

An old classmate who had something good, heard his words and immediately said in the group: “Oh, then you and Meiqing, aren’t this a match made in heaven?”

Several other old classmates who took his red envelopes also joined in.

Some people even said: “Oh, Xie Wenru, you and Meiqing are now widowed, then you two are really suitable, and I remember that you had a soft spot for Meiqing back then, you must work hard. Ah, we old classmates are all blessing you from our hearts!”

When Xie Wenru heard this, he immediately laughed and said, “Then I would like to thank the old classmates for their blessings in advance, but this matter still depends on what Meiqing means.”

Having said that, he said again: “Whether Meiqing replied or not, I decided to return to Aurous Hill for long-term development this time.”

“Isn’t it?” Someone in the group exclaimed: “Xie Wenru, your family has been developing in Hong Kong for many years? Why did you suddenly decide to return to Aurous Hill at this time?”

Xie Wenru said: “Meiqing has lived in the United States for so many years, and she has decided to come back now? It seems that we are better at Aurous Hill. This is the place where we swayed our youth, sweat and tears. I intend to come back this time. Retired in Aurous Hill!”

Jacob couldn’t help it anymore. He immediately tweeted in the group: “Xie Wenru, I advise you not to settle in Aurous Hill. Meiqing didn’t like you back then, and it’s impossible to like you now, so don’t bother yourself!”

In fact, Jacob was very nervous and inferior at this time.

In his opinion, Xie Wenru is now a large Hong Kong businessman, worth hundreds of millions, and he is stronger than himself and he doesn’t know where to go.

He hasn’t had a good life all these years. Compared with the high-spirited self in college, it’s a world of difference.

The most important thing is that he and Elaine have not yet divorced, they are still married, and Xie Wenru is now widowed!

It just so happens that Meiqing is also widowed, so if they are together, it is really a good fit.

Therefore, no matter how the comparison is made, he’s at a disadvantage.

He hasn’t seen Meiqing for so many years, and Jacob can’t figure out what Meiqing is thinking now. What if she sees Xie Wenru right at the party at noon?

Xie Wenru saw Jacob talking in the group at this time, and said with a smile: “Oh, I thought that our original student council president would only snatch red envelopes. I didn’t expect that the president would finally speak.”

Jacob’s face immediately turned red when he heard this. As the saying goes, he was sluggish and shorthanded. He just snatched several 200 red envelopes from others. Now that he was identified, his face was really a bit unbearable.

This is no food in the pocket, panic in my heart.

Jacob has never had a rich life. In addition, Elaine has always been in charge of the money in the family before. Therefore, even if he grabs a red envelope of 5 and 8 from the WeChat group, he can be happy for a long time. .

So it has long been a habit to grab every red envelope.

Today, Xie Wenru gave out red envelopes in the group. He didn’t even bother to see who sent it. The first thing was to grab them first.

In the end, each of these red envelopes was 200, and Jacob who grabbed it was secretly happy in his heart, but he did not expect that the grab was a red envelope issued by a rival in love, and the grab was also out of touch.

It’s not worth the loss.

Seeing that he stopped talking, Xie Wenru continued to ridicule: “The president is a good official. He has graduated for so many years, and he still wants to order me?”

Jacob bit his scalp and replied: “I am not giving an order, but to persuade you, for your own good.”

Xie Wenru immediately replied: “For my good? For my good, you wouldn’t let me return to Aurous Hill to settle and be with her? I think you guy, it’s been so many years and still can’t forget Meiqing. You’re afraid I will return to Aurous Hill to settle down. Be your rival in love!”