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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 902 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 902 Start

Jacob grabbed the red envelope a long time ago, so he immediately clicked the red envelope subconsciously, and was surprised to find that he actually received 200!

Only then did he discover that many of his classmates had received 200.

It seems that this is a big red envelope with 200 per person!

Jacob was still gratifying for the 200 unexpected fortune, but when he saw the other party’s nickname, it was called “I miss that beautiful sunny day”, and his face turned black suddenly!

At this time, the classmates in the group are all exploding!

“I’ll go, thank you boss!”

“Yeah! Boss Xie Wenru of Wannian Diving, every shot is 200 per person, which is really unusual.”

“I have heard that Boss Xie Wenru has made a lot of money over the years, and he really deserves his reputation.”

“That’s it! People thank boss, now he’s a well-known Hong Kong businessman, what does this little money count?”

The man sent a smiling face and another voice, speaking in a Hong Kong accent, and said: “Oh, Meiqing came back from the United States. I was very excited, so I sent a red envelope to make everyone happy.”

After speaking, he sent another red envelope.

Looking at the other’s nickname, Jacob seemed to be obsessed with Meiqing, and he was naturally very upset.

However, seeing the red envelopes coming out, he was reluctant to let go.

So he could only curse this guy in his heart for being blind, while reaching out and opening the red envelope.

Unexpectedly, this is another red envelope of 200 per person!

With these two red envelopes, the other party has already issued more than 10,000!

Suddenly there were a lot of compliments in the group.

The other party smiled at this moment: “Attention everyone, the third round of red envelopes is here!”

After speaking, another red envelope was sent out.

Everyone rushed to grab the red envelope, and Jacob also ordered the red envelope without any promise.

As a result, the third red envelope is still 200!

Jacob was a little puzzled. He really couldn’t think of who this person would be. After all, they didn’t have classmates from Hong Kong back then. They were all classmates from mainland China. So who is this person who speaks Hong Kong and Taiwanese?

At this time, the other party issued a fourth red envelope.

The thunderous person is 200 per person.

Then came the fifth red envelope, still 200…

In just one or two minutes, all the online classmates in the group grabbed a red envelope of 1,000.

But Meiqing never grabbed the other party’s red envelope.

At this time, “Missing that beautiful sunny day” said in the group: “I have flown from Hong Kong to Aurous Hill this morning, and I am staying at the Shangri-La Hotel. I heard that Meiqing also lives in this hotel. I don’t know if you are here. Which room? If it is convenient, apply through my friend and tell me your room number in private chat. I’ll come chat with you!”

After that, Meiqing was still behind.

When Meiqing saw this, she couldn’t help but frown, and said lightly: “This Xie Wenru is the same as he was twenty years ago. He likes showing off so much!”