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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 901 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 901 Start

Jacob deliberately mentioned the small forest, just to see how Meiqing blushed.

Even if she was calm, she would be ashamed to think of the presumptuous youth and sweet and ambiguous past of the two.

Jacob felt that he had to make Meiqing think more about the past, and think about the past that made her excited, and it would definitely arouse the fire in her heart that had been waiting for more than 20 years.

Naturally, Meiqing knew what he meant, and she couldn’t help but turn the subject away when she was shy, and blurted out: “By the way, how is our former teacher in charge now?”

Jacob said: “Not bad, but the legs are not very convenient. Last time when our old classmates got together, we invited him to alma mater and invited him to the classroom to give us a lecture.”

“Really?” Meiqing sighed: “It’s a shame not to be able to attend your party!”

Jacob smiled and said: “We had a small gathering that time. We were all old classmates from Aurous Hill or near Aurous Hill, and they were all male classmates.”

Meiqing nodded and said: “Today’s party seems to have a lot of classmates, because I contacted several girls who had a good relationship with me, and they are all willing to come.”

“That’s good.” Jacob said with a smile: “Then we can get together this time.”

Meiqing said: “But I heard that Panming seemed to have been dealt with because of corruption some time ago? He is now in custody awaiting prosecution.”

“Yes.” When Jacob thought that Panming took his son-in-law to pretend to be forceful with him last time, he was furious.

The old [email protected] last time, he really slandered him in front of his old classmates.

Now he is in jail, not knowing how beautiful he is.

So he smiled and said, “Old Panming, he deserves it. You say you work well, don’t do it well, and you think about using your position to facilitate corruption all day long. What should we do? Our teacher taught that year. They do not ask us to become talents, but they must make us a righteous person. People like him belong to self and have their own problems!”

Meiqing nodded in agreement. In fact, most of the old intellectuals of their generation are very upright. Everyone went to university with the attitude of contributing to the country and society.

Although Meiqing has always lived in the United States, she has always been concerned about China. There have been several major natural disasters in the country. Meiqing has donated a lot of cash and materials, and has even been commended by the country.

However, she has always acted very low-key, and this kind of thing has never been mentioned to others, so old classmates such as Jacob have no idea that Meiqing is still a great charity overseas Chinese.

At this moment, Jacob’s cell phone rang suddenly.

He picked it up and found that it was the WeChat group of the Student Union during the university years. No one had spoken in this group for several days. At this time, all of them suddenly said, “Classmates, Meiqing is organizing a class gathering at noon today. Are you here yet?”

“I’m in Aurous Hill, I’m already preparing for a banquet!”

“I’m on my way to Aurous Hill, there is still a hundred kilometers left, and I will arrive in an hour and a half!”

“I just got off the plane! I came here specially from Eastcliff!”

At this time, someone said, “Jacob, come out soon, your first love is back! You old guy don’t know yet, do you?”

It was Zhouqi who had a good relationship with Jacob.

Last time Panming ridiculed Jacob, thanks to him being there to help Jacob round the field.

Jacob saw that Zhouqi had turned himself, and smiled and rolled his eyes, and said, “Why do you say that I don’t know? If I tell you, I will be with Meiqing now, believe it or not?”

Zhouqi sent a voice and said with a smile: “I believe it, of course I believe it, what is the relationship between the two of you? Back then, the two of you were recognized by our school, a perfect match!”

When Jacob heard this, he felt very happy, so he also sent a voice over and laughed loudly: “Haha, Zhouqi, you tell the truth!”

Lilan, a female classmate in the class who had an excellent relationship with Meiqing back then, followed him with an angry expression and replied: “Jacob, you s*umbag still has a smile? It was you who took Meiqing so angry! I haven’t had a chance to meet Meiqing sister for so many years!”

Jacob suddenly became embarrassed again. Back then, he inadvertently cheated on Elaine after drinking. This incident was at school, but everyone knew it. Even thinking about it now, he felt extremely embarrassed. It was the biggest shame in his life.

Just when Jacob didn’t know how to reply, a person in the group who had not spoken jumped out and directly sent a red envelope.