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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 9 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 9 Start

At this moment, Claire suddenly had an unbelievable thought in her heart.

Is the Wade in Doris’s mouth just her husband Charlie?

But after another thought, she felt it was too magical to be true.

how could it be!

Charlie is an orphan who grew up in a welfare institution!

However, besides Charlie, who else in this world would treat her so well?

30 million is an extravagant hope, but the other party directly gave 60 million

She couldn’t help but ask Doris: “Ms. Doris, may I ask, is your chairman’s name Charlie?”

Doris sighed in her heart. The young master had ordered not to reveal his identity, and could only say that his surname was Wade to the outside world. If this was guessed by the young lady, wouldn’t she have to go back?

So she hurriedly said: “Ms. Willson don’t ask any more. Our chairman is behind Eastcliff’s famous door. His identity is highly confidential and I have no right to disclose it.”

Claire nodded lightly, and after Doris said the famous Eastcliff family, she suddenly recovered.

Charlie is an orphan, it can’t be some Eastcliff famous door, it seems that she really thinks too much

When she came out of Doris’s office, Claire was still dizzy.

What she held in her hand was the 60 million cooperation agreement between the Willson family and the Emgrand Group.

All this is just like a dream.

At the gate of the Emgrand Group, Claire saw Charlie’s figure and ran up excitedly and said, “Charlie, I actually made it.”

Charlie smiled secretly in his heart, your husband is the boss of the Emgrand Group, how could you fail to talk about it?

However, he pretended to be surprised and said: “You can negotiate such a difficult project. Wife, you are really amazing!”

Claire said: “Oh, this is not my great one, this is simply a gift from the Emgrand Group.”

“What?” Charlie asked deliberately: “Why do you say that?”

Claire was afraid that she would say something about the chairman of the Emgrand Group, and Charlie would be jealous, so she hurriedly said, “Oh, this is a long story. Let’s go to the company now and tell everyone the good news.”

Charlie laughed and said: “Okay! This time, that [email protected] Harold, has to abide by the betting contract and kneel and kowtow to me!”

Claire nodded, and said: “He usually has a high-level eye and no one is in the eye, so he should be taught a lesson!”

In fact, Claire also has her own temper. She wants that the people like Harold don’t look down on her and her husband in every possible way. Now that they have negotiated a cooperation, they really want to restrain them in the future.

More than ten minutes later, the two came to the Willson Group.

In the meeting room, everyone in the Willson family looked strange.

They all know that Claire went to the Emgrand Group early in the morning, but everyone didn’t believe that she could handle it, and they were all waiting to see her become a joke.

Unexpectedly, she would come back so soon.

When Claire and Charlie arrived in the meeting room, everyone showed sarcasm.

Harold said unceremoniously: “Oh, Claire, you are back in just half an hour? Did you even fail to enter the door of the Emgrand Group! Hahahaha!”

His sister Wendy also sneered: “Oh, sister Claire, she failed in less than an hour. You also broke the record, right?”

Old Mrs. Willson’s expression also turned gloomy. The Emgrand Group project is indeed extremely difficult. Even if Claire fails to reach a conclusion, she should at least be cautious, right? It really made her angry to give up so quickly.

So, the Old Mrs. Willson stared at her and said coldly, “Claire, you disappointed me too much.”

Charlie frowned immediately when she heard this.

This group is too disgusting, right? Don’t ask about the outcome of the matter, let’s make a mockery first regardless of whether it is indiscriminate or not?

Especially Harold, the tortoise [email protected], what the h*ll are you doing? He will kowtow later!

Claire was originally excited, but at this moment, everyone’s words were undoubtedly pouring cold water. With anger in her heart, she said: “I’m sorry, I disappointed you all. The Emgrand Group’s Doris has already negotiated with me for the Project cooperation!”

“What? You talked about it?”

“Impossible! How is it possible! You can’t even see Doris’s face!”

Everyone was stunned.

“Claire, do you think we will believe it?”

Harold came back to his senses and immediately slapped the table and said angrily: “Doris of the Emgrand Group is a well-known business elite in the city. How could she meet you? What identity do you have?”

Facing everyone’s doubts and accusations, Claire directly took out the contract and handed it to Mrs. Willson: “This is the project contract of the Emgrand Group. Please have a look.”

This contract is like a bomb, causing the atmosphere of these people on the scene to burst suddenly!

Harold still didn’t believe it, and shouted loudly: “This must be her forged contract! I don’t believe that she can handle the Emgrand Group!”

“That’s it!” Wendy also added fuel and jealousy to the side: “How can she win the Emgrand Group’s contract? This is a big project of 30 million! If she is be able to it, I will have negotiated it!”

Claire sneered and said, “Cousin, you are wrong. This contract is not 30 million, but 60 million!”

“Get off!” Wendy grinned and said, “A contract of 60 million? Are you not embarrassed to say it! Are we really fools? You can sign 60 million, and I say I can sign 100 million! “

Harold also said with a cold face: “Claire, you are playing grandma and us as monkeys!”

After he finished speaking, he said to Mrs. Willson: “Grandma! At first this is a big treachery! You can’t spare her!”

The Old Mrs. Willson also gritted her teeth angrily. She felt that 90% of the 30 million was worthless. After half an hour, Claire ran back and told her that she signed 60 million

Isn’t this treating her as a fool in front of so many people?

Really be the head of the family for nothing?

This kind of unscrupulous offspring, if she can’t drive out, how can she stand in the family in the future?

Old Mrs. Willson was anxious, slapped the table, and shouted: “Claire! Go to the personnel department to go through the resignation procedures immediately!”

Claire’s expression was stunned. Are these people crazy? She opened the contract and took a look, can they still not believe?

At this moment, someone suddenly yelled: “f*ck! Emgrand Group’s official statement is released! The 60 million contract is true!”