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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 899 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 899 Start

Jacob dressed himself as an old overseas Chinese who had returned from Nanyang, handsome and stylish.

This time, he and Meiqing had a very tacit understanding, Jacob did not bring Charlie with him, and Meiqing did not bring her son Paul.

Jacob personally drove his BMW 5 Series, went to the Shangri-La Hotel to pick up Meiqing, and went back to his alma mater together.

Now, Meiqing is wearing a long gray woolen coat, and she looks very temperamental. As soon as she meets at the door of Shangri-La, Jacob is fascinated by her.

He got out of the car and opened the door to Meiqing, and he couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Meiqing, what you are wearing today is so beautiful!”

Meiqing smiled slightly and said, “I’m all of an age. What is beautiful or not? I just have to go back to my alma mater to have a look, so I should tidy myself up a bit, and I can’t shame my alma mater.”

Having said that, Meiqing said again: “Besides, I will have a party with our old classmates today.”

“Oh, yes!” Jacob patted his head and said, “Look at my memory. I just wanted to accompany you to visit my alma mater. I forgot about the class reunion. By the way, is the location of the class reunion set? If there is no decision, I can ask my son-in-law to help.”

Meiqing hurriedly said: “The place has already been decided. I asked Paul to help him. He said it was a local place Clubhouse.”

Jacob was surprised and said: “Brilliant Clubhouse? The requirements for the guests are very high. Will Paul be able to get membership there as soon as he arrives in Aurous Hill?”

Meiqing smiled and said, “I don’t know the details. I only know that he told me that our law firm seems to have a long-term cooperative relationship with the parent company of this brilliant club. Legal affairs are entrusted to our law firm.”

Jacob couldn’t help being shocked!

The parent company of Brilliant Club is naturally the famous Song family in Aurous Hill. He did not expect that the law firm of Meiqing’s family would have a cooperative relationship with the Song family!

He originally wanted his son-in-law Charlie to help arrange a venue in the Brilliant Clubhouse, and by the way, he could also make himself pretentious.

But he didn’t expect that Meiqing’s son solved the matter directly, which is really extraordinary.

So, Jacob hurriedly made an inviting gesture and said, “Come on, Meiqing, get in the car.”

Meiqing thanked him, and gracefully sat in the co-pilot of Jacob’s BMW 5 Series.

As Jacob drove towards University, he couldn’t help but sigh: “You have been away for more than 20 years and haven’t come back again?”

Meiqing said: “I have been back to China, Suzhou, but I have never returned to Aurous Hill.”

Jacob hurriedly asked, “Isn’t it because of that incident that you didn’t return to Aurous Hill?”

Meiqing said seriously: “Half and half, on the one hand, because of the previous incident, I don’t want to come back to face the memories. On the other hand, I have no relatives in Aurous Hill, and my old classmates have not been in contact for a long time. So I never came back.”