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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 898 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 898 Start

Immediately, Jacob immediately cleaned himself up, ignoring breakfast, so he was anxious to go out.

Seeing him dressed up again, Claire immediately asked, “Dad, where are you going this morning?”

Jacob happily said: “I have an appointment with your Aunt, and we will go to my alma mater today. She hasn’t come back for more than 20 years!”

When Claire heard this, he suddenly became angry, and blurted out: “Mom has been missing for almost two days and two nights, and there is still no news. How can you go hanging out with Aunt? Are you not prepared? Go and find out where mom is?”

“Hey…” Jacob chuckled, and said in a veiled manner, alas, isn’t it up to you and Charlie to find her? After all, you two are young people, doing things more reliably than an old guy, so I just wait patiently for your good news. “

Claire angrily said, “Dad, I’m really angry no matter how you look like this! How come you still can’t tell the priorities? My mother’s safety is in your heart, isn’t it better than staying with Aunt Is it important to visit your alma mater?”

Jacob knew that this kind of thing was wrong, so he didn’t want to talk too much about the right or wrong of this matter with his daughter, so he waved his hand in a hurry and said, “Oh, it’s late, I won’t follow. You said it, let’s talk to you when I come back, I’ll go first, bye!”

After speaking, he has already stepped out.

Claire wanted to stop him in the end, but it was no longer useful.

Jacob has already seized the door.

Seeing Jacob leaving, Claire said angrily to Charlie: “Have you seen? Dad won’t even take you this time. I believe Aunt will not take her son with her today. They are going to be there. The world of two people…”

Charlie hurriedly said: “Oh, don’t think about it so much. They are just old classmates meeting each other. What kind of two-person world is it?”

Claire said with red eyes: “You don’t need to excuse them, I can see what they are doing at a glance…”

After that, she asked Charlie again: “By the way, have those friends started to help you find mother’s whereabouts? Did they reply to you?”

Charlie said: “They told me that there would be results within today, and I also asked them to inquire. There have been no serious social security or criminal cases recently, so they also told me that my mother is not in danger. The possibility is very low. We should be able to get mother back in a day or two.”

Hearing this, Claire’s mood improved. She sighed and said, “I hope your friends can be more reliable. It’s best to let mom come back today. Otherwise, I really am going to crash…”

Charlie couldn’t help but slander in his heart, letting her come back is sure to let it back anytime.

But the key is to make her shut up honestly.

Otherwise, letting her back is a hidden danger.

It’s better to let her stay in the detention center.

So he sent Issac a WeChat and asked him: “How is the matter with my mother-in-law?”

Issac quickly replied: “I asked the police to say hello to her. The words were very serious. I believe she must not dare to talk nonsense!”

Charlie relaxed and said: “In this way, you send a few more people in to help me make a scene, deepen and deepen her impression, and let her shut her mouth completely!”