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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 897 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 897 Start

Seeing Elaine looking for life, the two police officers looked at each other and the red-faced policeman asked: “Elaine, we can consider letting you go, but there are some issues that must be communicated to you first. Let you go, you go home, your family asks about your whereabouts in the past two days, how do you tell them?”

Elaine hurriedly said: “I, I will tell them…I have these two days… these two days…”

Elaine hesitated for a long time, and didn’t say a word, so she came, because she herself didn’t know how to explain to her husband and daughter after returning home.

After all, she has been missing for two days and nights for no reason. What’s more important is that she doesn’t have a good place all over her body now, and still just getting beaten.

More importantly, even the front teeth have been lost, which is too miserable.

The red-faced policeman said indifferently: “Let’s do it, I’ll give you an idea. If we decide to let you go after consideration, then after you get home, you can tell your husband, your daughter and your son-in-law, this In two days you entered an MLM organization by mistake. The MLM organization brainwashed you and asked you to go to the bank to complete the fraud, and then you were arrested by the police.”

Elaine nodded quickly, and blurted out: “Comrade police officer, don’t worry, as long as you put me back, I will tell my family according to your instructions, and I will never reveal a word about this matter, let alone It will delay your capture of transnational fraudsters!”

The policeman hummed and said lightly: “Okay, let’s study and discuss this matter, and we will send you back to the detention center immediately. If we discuss and decide to release you, the detention center will directly handle the formalities for you. .”

Elaine hurriedly asked: “Comrade Constable, you will not let me go to the end of the discussion, will you?”

The black-faced police officer slapped the table and scolded, “We have to discuss this matter! You can go back and wait patiently for the results of our discussion. There is no room for you to bargain!”

When Elaine heard this, she didn’t dare to say more, so she agreed to honestly and tremblingly said, “Comrade police officer, am I going to wait for news now?”

“Yes!” The black-faced police officer said coldly: “We will let the police drive you back now. You must remember that after you go out of this door, don’t say a word about related things!”

Elaine nodded resolutely and promised: “Don’t worry, I won’t say a word even if one kills me!”

Later, Elaine was driven back to the detention center by two policemen.

On the way back, she was very depressed.

Unexpectedly, this incident turned out to be such a reason.

It’s a big matter, and it’s impossible to find Charlie’s [email protected] to settle accounts.

Otherwise, if she can’t speak a word well, miss a word, and are known by the police, she will probably catch themselves back to the detention center again.

In that case, don’t know which year and month she can come out.


Just when Elaine was sent back to the detention center, Jacob couldn’t wait to find a chance and continued to meet Meiqing again.

Last night, he had a very delicious home-cooked meal with Meiqing at home, and it was Meiqing who cooked it herself, which made Jacob happy.

So early in the morning, he sent Meiqing a WeChat message, inviting her to visit University, their alma mater, to find memories of the year.

As soon as Meiqing heard that he invited her to visit her alma mater, she immediately agreed without hesitation.