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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 896 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 896 Start

So, she asked in a low voice tentatively, “That…comrade police officer…I’m just at home, can I tell my son-in-law about this in private?”

The black-faced police officer slapped the table angrily, and blurted out to the red-faced police officer beside him: “I said this kind of stupid woman can’t believe it. You have to let her go. Did you hear what she said? Go down and confront son-in-law! Isn’t this going to kill herself and ruin our case?”

The red-faced police officer’s complexion also darkened, staring at Elaine, and said coldly: “Elaine, you really disappoint me. I just thought you could do it without mentioning it. I didn’t expect you to return and want to confront your son-in-law! Are all the things I said to you just for nothing?”

Elaine panicked suddenly, and tremblingly asked: “Comrade Constable, to be honest, I will end the game today. It will be Charlie’s card. Can’t I confront him? Is it?”

The red-faced police officer scolded angrily: “Stupid! Charlie is one of the members who received the premium card! The criminal gang itself has been staring at him, and it is even possible that his every move, every word and deed is in their observation. Within the monitoring range, there may be many monitors and listening devices installed in your home. If you dare to go back and mention a word with him, it is very likely that you will be killed, or even your whole family!”

Elaine was shocked and hurriedly said: “Then I won’t say it, I won’t say it, I won’t say a word, I won’t say anyone!”

The black-faced policeman snorted coldly: “Now say this? Tell you! It’s too late! I said a long time ago that people like you are not credible at all, and letting you out is a scourge. Sooner or later it will ruin our major affairs. Then take your own life in!”

After finishing speaking, he said to the red-faced police officer: “I think it’s better to shut her back again, when the case is solved, and when will she be released!”

The red-faced police officer no longer objected, nodded and said, “Be cautious, I think it can only be this way!”

When Elaine heard the conversation between the two, she burst into tears and burst into tears, crying heartbreakingly. While slamming her mouth with her handcuffed hands, she blurted out: “Comrade police officer, I really know what’s wrong. Yes, I really don’t say a word anymore, you let me go, I will never mention this to anyone again, please don’t send me back, otherwise I will die inside!”

The black-faced police officer observed at her and said coldly: “I can’t believe you at all!”

Elaine regretted it and wanted to beat herself to death.

“Why do you want to mention Charlie? What is more important now than letting yourself out?”

Besides, what’s the point of going to Charlie by herself? This card itself was given to Charlie deliberately by criminals. It was low-handed and could not stand the temptation. Even if she went to settle accounts with Charlie, he would still be an unknown teacher.

What’s more, there is that d*mn transnational criminal group behind this, if because she scolds Charlie, he ends up killing himself, wouldn’t it be a big loss? !

It’s okay now, just because she had a bad mouth, she was able to let herself go, but now it seems that she has been tossed by herself…

She thought over and over again, and could only use the trick of a b*tch crying, making trouble, and hanging herself. She cried and said to the two police officers: “Comrade police officer, if you don’t let me go, then I will hang myself in the detention center when I go back!”