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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 895 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 895 Start

Elaine had completely believed the story the police officer told her.

What she worries most now is that the police officers continue to lock her in the detention center in order not to provoke them. Then she really doesn’t know when and when she will be able to regain her freedom.

So she looked at the police officer pleadingly, crying and said, “Comrade police officer, I really don’t know a word, so you just let me go. If you lock me up again, I will die inside. Up…”

The police officer shook his head cautiously and said, “Ms. Elaine, I still can’t believe you. I see people like you a lot. On the surface, no one tells you. In fact, the mouth is faster than anyone. If you let them go, they will tell others about this immediately.”

As he said, the police officer said again: “And don’t think that I locked you up to solve the case. In fact, it is also for your safety!”

“Because after letting you out, once you talk nonsense, once they know about it, they are likely to kill you! It is even possible to kill you, and then all the evidence will be planted on you, let You their substitute!”

“In that case, wouldn’t you be more wronged?”

“So, to be on the safe side, you should continue to stay in our detention center until we have caught all the suspects before releasing you. This will also ensure your safety.”

Elaine said desperately: “Then I have to wait until the year of the monkey and the moon? I beg you to be merciful and let me go. I really won’t talk nonsense. I beg you, I am willing to kneel down for you. Kow my head, just beg you to let me go, don’t lock me up again…”

Speaking of this, Elaine is already crying out of breath…

“Forget it.” The police officer said coldly: “We can’t take this risk. After all, this case is about the international criminal police of 23 countries. If we do it because of you, we can’t bear this responsibility. !”

The police officer next to her sang red face at this time and said, “I think her attitude is quite sincere. As long as she can control her own mouth, it doesn’t hurt to let her go.”

The black-faced police officer replied: “If the case cannot go on because of her, who will bear the responsibility? If she is killed because of this, who will bear the responsibility?”

The red-faced policeman looked at Elaine and asked, “Elaine, can you control your own mouth? If you can, you write a letter of guarantee, we will consider letting you go, but if you promise to write , Go out and talk nonsense, even if you say a word nonsense, as long as we know about it, we will immediately arrest you, and will never let you out until the case is finished!”

Elaine wiped her tears with her sleeves, crying out of breath, and said, “Comrade police officer, you can rest your heart. I will tell you a heart-wrenching remark. I am also greedy for life and fear of death. Human, this matter is related to my own life safety. Even if they kill me and force me with a gun, I dare not say a word!”

The black-faced police officer asked coldly: “What about your son-in-law? Will you go to your son-in-law to confront this matter right after you leave?”

Elaine sighed in her heart, didn’t she even have the chance to find Charlie that [email protected]?

Then who should be accounted for after so many beatings and so many humiliations in the detention center?