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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 894 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 894 Start

As he said, the police officer said again: “Your son-in-law is a very upright person, and a very magnanimous person. He has no greed. After he received this card, he found out the balance of this card. We immediately reported to the police. We were going to tell him not to behave in a rush, but unexpectedly, you stole this card without a long eye, and you took it to Citibank to withdraw money!”

Elaine exclaimed and said regretfully: “Oh! I should have known this situation, even if I killed me, I would not steal his bank card!”

As Elaine said, the whole person was already crying, she did not expect that she would step on this kind of thunder without long eyes!

It turned out that this card was a criminal’s who stole Charlie’s personal data, and then forged it and sent it directly to Charlie!

What they did was to lure Charlie and make Charlie greedy for the 21.9 billion balance in the card!

Then asked Charlie to go to the bank to transfer the money out and transfer it to his own account!

In that way, Charlie helped them complete the whole process of defrauding the bank, and they could completely get rid of the crime and avoid all risks!

After Charlie transfers the money to his own account, these criminals can directly approach Charlie, threaten him to call out the money, and then kill Charlie and let him take the blame… ..

Thinking of this, Elaine was already covered in cold sweat.

She didn’t have the slightest doubt about what the police officer told her.

At this time, she realized that when she was about to transfer the 21.9 billion in the bank, she almost passed Death!

If it weren’t for the police to arrive in time, taken her away, so that she might have been killed by the criminal group until now!

When she thought that she was almost dead, but she was lucky enough to get her life back, she was grateful!

Even the inhuman torture in the cell has suddenly become worthwhile!

Fortunately, she went to the cell and was tortured by Old Mrs. Willson and Gena, otherwise, she would have become a lonely ghost!

Fortunately, Elaine couldn’t help crying and said to the police officer: “Comrade police officer, since you all know that I have been wronged, please let me go!”

The police officer said coldly: “Let you go, if we let you go, if you talk too much about this matter, if you start to provoke the snake, then how will we catch the suspect in the future?”

Elaine hurriedly stated: “You can rest assured, as long as you let me go, I will never talk about this to anyone!”

The police officer asked, “Can you really not tell anyone? Even your daughter and your husband, you can never say a word!”

Elaine nodded and said, “I can! I can! I can definitely do it!”

The police officer said coldly: “I can’t believe you. As long as you miss a word on this matter, it may bring irreversible consequences. Can you afford it by then?”

Elaine cried and said, “Comrade police officer, please rest assured, I will take this matter into the coffin even if I die, and I will never mention a word again!”