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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 891 Free Novel

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Elaine never dreamed that after more than 20 years, she would still get such a fat beating because of Meiqing’s incident.

She was looking at herself and was about to persuade Gena, but she didn’t expect that after Mrs. Willson moved out of this matter, she would directly subvert all her efforts, and instead plunge her into an endless abyss.

The few women who came up to beat her up had all experienced the tragic past of being meddled by women, so when they hit her, they brought all their new and old hatreds into it, and they didn’t show any mercy at all.

Elaine was beaten again quickly, and her whole body was almost dying. Several times Elaine felt that she was going to be in shock, but before she was really shocked, she was woken up twice by others.

After a group of people beat Elaine, the Old Mrs. Willson said to the side: “I think we’d better get this sorrowful woman to the toilet, so that she won’t make us upset here!”

“Yes!” The woman who rushed up to start her hands coldly said, “The Lady Willson is right. Throw her into the toilet!”

With that said, she greeted another woman next to her and said, “We are both hold a leg, and we will drag her in.”

“Okay!” The other party immediately nodded and agreed, so the two of them pulled Elaine’s leg and dragged her from the ground to the toilet.

Wendy also hurriedly followed. Seeing that the two women threw Elaine into the toilet, she took out the washbasin and took a basin of water and poured it directly on her body. She sneered and said, “Elaine, you never dreamed. Do you think you will have today? Just rely on you, still want to fight with grandma?”

Elaine was awakened by the cold water, shaking violently and regretting in her heart.

She shouldn’t say those things in front of Gena, trying to arouse Gena’s sympathy.

If she didn’t accuse Mrs. Willson of what happened just now, she wouldn’t end up like this.

What she regrets more is that she shouldn’t have stolen the bank card of her son-in-law Charlie, and never dreamed that Charlie turned out to be a transnational liar!

If she didn’t steal his bank card, he would be the one who would come in and suffer this time sooner or later, but because she couldn’t control her hands, she was here now, suffering this inhuman torture.

Her intestines are already regretful.

That night, Elaine sat in the corner of the toilet holding her legs and struggled till dawn.

In the evening, Elaine had already developed a high fever, which made her bewildered.

More importantly, she hasn’t eaten anything for nearly 48 hours!

When everyone else started to wash in the toilet in the morning, Elaine was so weak that she didn’t even have the strength to lift her eyelids.

Someone in the cell went to get the breakfast for the whole cell. The breakfast consisted of rice porridge with steamed buns.

When Gena and others were eating, they found that Elaine hadn’t come out, so she told someone to say: “Go in and see if the sorrowful woman is dead, and drag her out if she isn’t.”

So the man came to the toilet, took a look at Elaine, and found Elaine was curled up in the corner shivering, so she walked forward, grabbed her hair, and abruptly pulled her out of it.

When Elaine came out, Gena was already eating her box of lunch.

Just like yesterday morning, Gena finished the steamed buns and deliberately left about one-third of the porridge. Then she looked at Elaine and said playfully, “You haven’t eaten anything for two days and two nights. You must be hungry? “