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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 888 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 888 Start

After Charlie sorted out all the procedures for tomorrow with Issac, he took a taxi home without rush.

But at this moment, in the Aurous Hill Detention Center, Elaine’s nightmare continues.

Because she was tortured and beaten by all kinds of means from the time she first entered the detention center, and she was poured cold water on her head, plus not eating a bite for two days and nights, Elaine had completely collapsed. Not only did she have a bad cold, And also developed a high fever.

The high fever made Elaine burn all over, and she was almost fainted by the high fever, but at this time, she was still not allowed to lie in the bed, and could only curl up and shiver in the corner of the detention center cell alone.

Because of her fever, she felt an extreme cold, which made her sway her whole body nonstop.

She felt that she was about to be unable to hold it, so she murmured and pleaded: “Please, please have mercy on me, give me a quilt, I’m so cold, I’m so cold… .”

Old Mrs. Willson sneered: “What is your name? People like you still want to cover the quilt. I tell you, you have to sleep in the toilet tonight!”

Wendy echoed: “Grandma, I think she has to take a bath in cold water! How about we go to the toilet and help her?”

When Elaine heard this, she cried her nose and burst into tears, and pleaded miserably, Mom, I really can’t do it. If you let me sleep in the toilet and give me a cold shower tonight, then I’ll be, I must die here at night, I beg you to show mercy! “

Old Mrs. Willson said viciously: “You still expect me to pity you? I tell you, I wish you would die soon! You better not wait until night to die, you better die now!”

Elaine wailed and said, “Mom, you and me just have the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and I have suffered from your anger for more than 20 years. Why are you killing me now? Even if you are angry with me There is no need to fix me for not letting you live in the villa, right?”

After finishing talking, she looked at the big sister Gena in the cell, crying and begging: “Sister Gena, I know you hate this unfilial daughter-in-law, but I don’t let her live in my villa. This mother-in-law is just drawing the line!”

“I have been married to the Willson family for more than 20 years. I have never beaten her, never really scolded her, and even been bullied by her all the time. During this time, the Willson family is not good enough. I have mocked her and ridiculed her. , But it’s all disrespect, but that’s all.”

“But you also saw how she treated me in the past two days. She beat me, scolded me, tried everything she could to torture me, bully me, this is basically killing me!”

“As a sensible person, can’t you see who is the wicked person between me and her?”

“If I am as evil as her, do you think she can live to this day?”

“If I’m as evil as her, how could she still be so healthy and even fight me? This proves that I am not as evil as she said, and she is the real evil person!”

When talking about this, Elaine was in tears, and the whole person was like a street dweler who had suffered great injustice.

Seeing that she dared to accuse her, the Old Mrs. Willson walked up to her angrily and slapped her face with a slap.

Immediately afterwards, the Lady Willson grabbed her hair and slammed it against the wall, swearing in her mouth, “You shameless thing, you dare to provoke discord here, you see I won’t kill you!”