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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 88 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 88 Start

At this time, Biao pulled out an iron rod and strode forward.

Brother Qi wanted to beg for mercy, but Biao gathered the iron rod directly above his head and slammed it down.


Brother Qi’s right kneecap was smashed into powder!

This kind of crushing injury is impossible to cure in this life!

Brother Qi was wailing in pain, but Charlie said at this time: “It’s not enough. Only one leg is made worthless. He can still use crutches. I want him to live in a wheelchair!”

Biao nodded immediately, raised the steel rod, and slammed it on Brother Qi’s left knee.

Brother Qi rolled all over the floor in pain, and his whole body was in shock.

Orvel said to Biao, “Put something in his mouth so as not to disturb Mr. Charlie!”

“OK Master Orvel!”

Immediately afterward, Biao stuffed a few pieces of gauze into Brother Qi’s mouth, and threw him on the ground, curled up like a dead dog.

Zhaodong was already pale with fright, he finally understood what kind of existence he had angered!

Before Charlie took the trouble, he took the initiative to kneel on the ground and kowtowed his head: “Charlie, Mr. Charlie, I was wrong. I shouldn’t be rude to you, please have mercy on me!”

Lili was also shocked, seeing Zhaodong kneeling down and begging for mercy, she also knelt down and kept kowtow apologizing.

Charlie said coldly: “You couple of dogs, do you really think that if you ask for mercy, I will let you go? You are really stupid and naive!”

The two shuddered.

At this time, a few people in black walked in with two middle-aged and elderly people who were tied up.

The two middle-aged and elderly people had been beaten, bruised, and bleeding.

They threw the two middle-aged people to the ground and bowed to Charlie: “Mr. Charlie, the person you want is here!”

Zhaodong and Lili glanced at them, and almost fainted on the spot in shock!

The two middle-aged and elderly people lying on the ground are Zhaodong’s father, Zhao Haifeng, and Lili’s father, Yuesheng!

Charlie asked people to pour cold water on the faces of Zhao Haifeng and Yuesheng, pour them sober, and then questioned Yuesheng: “Mr. Yuesheng, your daughter is provocative and casually cuckolding fiance. Do you know this?”

Yuesheng was frightened. He was beaten up before he came in. Knowing that his daughter had caused stubborn stubbornness this time, he kept shaking his head in order to protect himself: “I don’t know, I don’t know.”

Charlie nodded and said, “You don’t know, do you? You don’t know it’s father’s oversight and negligence! Biao, break his left knee for me! Just like you did to the dead dog just now!”

“Good!” Biao immediately said to the people around him: “Hold him down for me!”

Yuesheng shouted in fright: “No! Help!”

Lili also shouted in shock: “Dad!”

Biao didn’t hesitate, when his subordinates held Yuesheng’s leg, he immediately swung the steel rod and slammed it down.


Yuesheng only felt the pain and wanted to die, his knees had been completely shattered, and she was afraid it would be impossible to recover in this life.

At this time, Charlie asked again: “I’ll ask you again, your daughter is sloppy and cuckolds her fiance casually. Do you know this?”

Yuesheng cried and said, “I know, I know, it’s because I can’t discipline her, I must discipline her well in the future.”

Charlie snorted coldly: “Since you know this, why don’t you stop it? You know your daughter is making mistakes but don’t care about teaching, that’s because your father’s three views are not correct and you are helping you to abuse!”

After finishing speaking, he shouted angrily at Biao: “Biao, give me his other leg!”