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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 876 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 876 Start

In the kitchen at this moment, Meiqing has put on her apron, and with the help of Jacob, she began to process the ingredients and prepare to cook.

Jacob hit the side, playing very diligently.

He dreams of having such a day, he and his beloved Meiqing can have a sumptuous dinner in the kitchen together.

But he didn’t expect that this dream would finally come true after twenty years.

Meiqing was full of emotion. She has lived in the United States with her husband for more than 20 years, and the two often cook together, but she has never made herself feel the way she is now.

She feel that the man next to her, as long as he stands by her side, he can bring her an infinite sense of intimacy.

Cooking for him by her, busy in the kitchen with him, full of joy and satisfaction.

When two people are cooking together, there is always some friction and contact on the body. Sometimes they rub their hands, sometimes they touch other parts. Soon, the two of them are red. face.

After all, both of them have had a lot of past events, and they are each other’s first love, and even when they first tasted the forbidden fruit, they both gave each other the first time.

So after so many years, after seeing each other again, the hearts of these two people are always affected by the memories of the past.

It is as if there is a strong magnetic field inside the two people, and it is the kind of magnetic field that the opposite s3x attracts.

When Jacob laid hands on Meiqing, they had been close to each other countless times, and had an impulse in heart several times, wanting to hug the other person directly in arms.

But this impulse was quickly suppressed by the timidity in his heart.

Meiqing herself is very capable in housework, but today because she has her first love around her, she also feels that no matter what she does, she seems a little absent-minded.

Even always distracted by the man around her.

A few times when she cut things, she almost cut her own hands because of distraction.

Jacob was also a little absent-minded by the side. His energy was not on washing vegetables, picking vegetables, and helping Meiqing at all, but on Meiqing herself.

At this moment, Jacob even regretted moving to Tomson’s big villa.

Because, if it were in the previous home, in such a small kitchen, two people were busy working in it, even if they borrowed it, they would have to touch or even stick to each other.

But the kitchen of Tomson’s villa is really too big.

Even if there are five people working in it at the same time, they can be in order without disturbing each other.

Therefore, every time Jacob wants to get closer to Meiqing, he needs to find some special reasons or excuses.

Jacob struggled for a long time and didn’t dare to hug Meiqing. Every time he mustered up the courage, he soon persuaded himself against it.

Finally, when Meiqing put the shrimp into the pot, Jacob suddenly showed courage and hugged her from behind Meiqing, and murmured nervously and excitedly in her mouth: “Meiqing, Over the past twenty years, I really missed you!”