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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 873 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 873 Start

At this time, Jacob had taken Meiqing and her son Paul and walked in through the yard.

When they met, Claire was shocked by Meiqing. She heard Charlie say that Meiqing’s temperament and appearance were very good, but she didn’t expect it to be so good.

Being a woman, Claire even envied Meiqing a little.

After all, it is really amazing that a woman can maintain such a good level at the age of about 50.

Meiqing was also a little surprised when she saw Claire. She really didn’t expect that the daughters of Jacob and Elaine was so beautiful and outstanding.

The Paul next to him, at the moment he saw Claire, couldn’t help being a little stunned. He was also shocked by Claire’s beauty and temperament.

Jacob introduced at this time: “Meiqing, let me introduce to you, this is my daughter Claire.”

After that, he looked at Claire again, and said with a smile: “Claire, this is your father’s old classmate, Meiqing, you may want her to be called Aunt.”

Claire was shocked by Meiqing’s beauty and temperament, and at the same time was even more worried about the relationship between her father and her.

Because compared with Meiqing, her mother really seems to be a thousand miles away. In addition, the relationship between the two of them is not stable. Now that there is such a strong competitor, it will become More fragile.

However, out of politeness, she shook hands with Meiqing very warmly, and said with some respect: “Hello, Aunt.”

Meiqing smiled, and sighed sincerely: “Claire, you really look so beautiful!”

Claire said modestly: “Aunt, you really appreciate it. Compared to you, I am far behind.”

“No, no,” Meiqing said seriously: “When I was your age, I was not as beautiful as you.”

After that, she looked at Charlie and said with a smile: “Charlie is really blessed to marry such a good wife.”

Charlie smiled and nodded and said, “Aunt, you are right. This is my blessing.”

Meiqing smiled and introduced her son again, and said: “Claire, this is my son Paul. He should be one year younger than you. It stands to reason that he should call you sister.”

Paul on the side hurriedly stretched out his hand to Claire and said seriously: “Hello Miss Willson, I am Paul, my full name is Paul Smith, and I am glad to meet you.”

Claire was hesitating whether to shake hands with Paul, and Meiqing hurriedly said: “Son, Claire is a married person. It is necessary to avoid suspicion when contacting the opposite s3x.”

Only then did Paul come back to his senses, hurriedly withdrew his hand, and smiled awkwardly: “I’m really embarrassed, it’s because I was rash.”

Claire nodded slightly and smiled as a response. Charlie couldn’t help being surprised, Meiqing’s tutoring was really extraordinary.

Jacob couldn’t wait to say at this time: “Meiqing, I have already bought all the ingredients and seasonings related to those dishes, and are in the kitchen now. We’ll go in and beat it, what do you think?”

Meiqing naturally nodded and smiled: “No problem, let’s cook a meal for the children today.”

After all, she said to Paul: “Son, you have a good chat with Mr. Wade and his wife. In the future, you have to develop as much as possible for a long time. Everyone knows and understands more. It is good for everyone’s future development. Young people should Communicate more and make more friends to expand network.”

Paul nodded hurriedly and said, “Mom, don’t worry, I know.”

Jacob took Meiqing to the kitchen and turned around to explain to Charlie, saying, “My son-in-law, there is my good tea on the coffee table. You can make a cup and give Paul a taste.”