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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 870 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 870 Start

In other words, mother was penniless.

So why didn’t she miss that Aunt White while on the phone not long afterwards, in the tone of a nouveau riche?

To say that in such a short period of time, she suddenly became rich?

Where does the money come from?

Taking a step back, even if she is really rich, why should she disappear?

Is it really because she hate her and father when she has money?

It’s not impossible with her mother’s personality, but she has been thinking of Tomson for a long time.

Even if she did get a fortune by accident, it stands to reason that she should hide the money quietly, and then continue to come back to enjoy the luxurious Tomson Villa. This is in line with her mother’s behavioral style.

It wasn’t that after getting a sum of money, the world evaporated immediately, and she couldn’t even live in the Tomson villa, not to mention that she didn’t even live in the Tomson villa to sleep.

The more Claire thought about it, the more she felt that this matter was strange and very contradictory, and there was a strange and unexplainable aura everywhere.

However, the clues stopped abruptly when they arrived at Aunt White, and for the time being, she couldn’t continue to explore other clues.

Therefore, to solve these mysteries, more clues must be found.

Once the mystery is solved, then the whereabouts of mother will be clear.

Otherwise, she may never find where her mother is.


Charlie drove around Aurous Hill City, thinking about his mother-in-law.

He saw his wife getting more and more anxious, and he didn’t want his wife to suffer such torture from the bottom of his heart.

But now he hasn’t figured out exactly what method should be used to release Elaine.

As he drove through an intersection, he saw the eye-catching words on the intersection billboard: “All the people mobilize, resolutely crack down on MLM and MLM behavior in disguise, completely eradicate the soil for MLM survival, and build a safe and harmonious Aurous Hill!”

Seeing this slogan, Charlie suddenly had a plan.

So he immediately called Issac and asked, “How is my mother-in-law in the detention center recently?”

Issac respectfully said: “Mr. Wade your mother-in-law suffered a bit in the detention center. It seems that everyone in the cell is not pleasing to her eyes, so she has to be treated.”

Charlie snorted and said, “She used to scold Old Lady so badly before, and this Lady has such a grudge. This time, she will definitely not let her go easily. It is normal for her to suffer a bit.”

Issac asked, “Mr. Wade do you think about how to solve this problem? With all due respect, your mother-in-law has suffered so much in it. If you let her out, she will definitely not give up, the first thing. It must be trouble for you.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Don’t worry about this. I already have a general plan, but I still need your cooperation. You must cooperate with me and act in a big show.”

Issac hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade you can just ask if you have any questions.”

Charlie smiled indifferently: “I am not ready to let her out now, I will contact you when I want.”

“OK Master!”