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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 866 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 866 Start

After that, the Old Mrs. Willson immediately shouted to Wendy: “Wendy, come here, our take her to the bathroom and washes away the food on her head with cold water! Otherwise, later in case she ate secretly behind us, On the contrary, it is cheaper for her!”

Elaine shouted in horror: “It’s almost winter now! You are going to wash my head with cold water, you are going to kill me!”

Gena Jones, who had been watching the excitement by the side, suddenly said coldly: “Stop the d*mn talking nonsense, otherwise, not only will the Lady Willson use cold water to wash your head, I will also give you a shower with cold water!”

Elaine was so frightened that she could only cry loudly while letting her grandma and grandaughter drag her into the bathroom.

Immediately afterwards, Wendy put her head under the faucet of the mop pool and screwed the faucet to the maximum without hesitation!

The cold tap water directly washed Elaine’s head, leaving her brain blank, followed by the biting cold, which made her swing all over.

She was holding her head full of cold water, looking at the grinning Old Mrs. Willson, begging: “Mom, I beg you, give me a towel, or I will really freeze to death!”

The Old Mrs. Willson sneered: “Just you still want a towel, do you deserve it? If you really freeze to death, it will be a good thing. You will free yourself, and I will also relieve my hatred!”

As she said, she looked at Elaine and said sarcastically, “Or you can just cooperate. If you die, it’s a hundred!”

Elaine collapsed on the ground and cried loudly. The Lady Willson glanced at her in disgust, and said to Wendy: “Let this b*tch cry here, let’s go!”

Wendy also said happily: “btch! Your good days have just begun! Now it’s to clean up you. When I finish cleaning up your old btch, I will definitely find a chance to clean up that little b*tch Claire!”


Claire never dreamed that her wonderful mother was being tortured to death by her grandma and her cousin.

Because her father Jacob was unwilling to come out to find her mother, she could only split up with Charlie planner, one to find the chess and card room and the other to the beauty salon.

Charlie got the car key from the Old Master, and was about to get into the Old Master’s car, and went to the chess and card room to look around. Claire grabbed him and asked in a low voice: “Charlie, I ask you, What is the specific situation of that old classmate and Dad?”

Charlie asked curiously: “Wife, what do you want to know?”

Claire said: “I want to know her appearance, temperament and personality, as well as her family situation, relationship situation, and her future plans after returning to China.”

Charlie said truthfully: “That Aunt is really very beautiful, has a very good temperament, and her personality feels very low-key and humble, and very very friendly. As for her family situation, her husband was very simple. Has passed away, now she and her son are dependent on each other.”

After speaking, Charlie hurriedly changed his words: “It can’t be said that it is dependent on each other. After all, the mother and son are still very powerful. I heard that they have opened a very large law firm, and it is designed for the world’s top 500 companies. They have already moved their businesses back to Aurous Hill, and their future plans are definitely to prepare for retirement in Aurous Hill.”