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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 861 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 861 Start

Shangri-La’s meal was a joy for the guests. Charlie’s father-in-law was naturally very happy, and Meiqing was also in a very good mood. Her husband passed away some time ago, and she has been a little sad. At this time, it feels like the rain has passed the day. .

Paul looked very pleased when he saw his mother in such a good mood.

As for Charlie, he just hit the Old Master who felt sorry for him.

Because Meiqing is so good, he can’t imagine how many old men in Aurous Hill will pursue her crazy after such a beautiful, temperament, single and golden Lady Willson returns to Aurous Hill. It is estimated that the old man will only be troubled in the future. Increase, not decrease.

The mother and son came to China on the plane for so long, and their bodies were already a little tired, so after dinner, Jacob and Charlie sent them to the room they had opened in Shangri-La without too much interruption.

When he arrived at the guest room department, Jacob was again irritated, because Meiqing and her son both opened super luxurious executive suites.

Shangri-La’s luxurious executive suite is second only to the presidential suite. It can accommodate four people and the rent per night is tens of thousands. It can be said to be very luxurious. You can live in this type of room if you can go out, and it’s a set per person. The financial capacity of Meiqing’s family is very strong.

After bidding farewell, Charlie and Jacob left the hotel together.

As soon as he left the hotel door, Jacob couldn’t help but take a deep breath, then he couldn’t help but sigh again.

Charlie sighed with emotion when he saw him next to him, and couldn’t help asking: “Dad, what are you sighing for?”

Jacob said with a sad face: “I really didn’t expect it. I really didn’t expect Meiqing to have such a good life in the United States. I didn’t expect that their family even had a law firm of their own. Compared with her, I am really useless…”

Charlie smiled slightly and comforted: “Dad, I don’t think Aunt has any intention of despising you, and Aunt is really low-key and very humble. She is definitely not that kind of special material woman. Don’t worry too much about these material gaps.”

Jacob sighed, and said helplessly: “I understand what you are saying, but as a man, I always feel that such a face is particularly shameless.”

Charlie said with a smile: “Dad, you think too much. Look at me. When Claire and I got married, I had nothing. I wanted money without money, status without status, ability without ability, status without status. At that time, the gap between me and Claire was much larger than the gap between you and Aunt, but Claire didn’t get along well with me?”

Jacob was stunned suddenly, and after thinking about it carefully, it was really true.

He thinks so much now, it doesn’t make any sense, because with his current ability and current family background, it is impossible to surpass Meiqing.

Is it because he can’t surpass her, he can never be with her?

of course not!

Jacob could see that after so many years, Meiqing still has feelings for him, and she also said when she was at the airport, even if she was riding a 28 bicycle to pick him up, she would not have any opinion.

This is enough to see that Meiqing doesn’t care about material things.

Thinking of this, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

But then, another problem came to his mind.