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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 860 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 860 Start

Jacob looked at Meiqing in surprise, and blurted out, “Oh, Meiqing, are you very proficient in law and law firms?”

Paul smiled and said: “Uncle Willson, don’t underestimate my mother. In fact, my mother is also a PhD student at Yale Law School. She and my father met and married at Yale Law School. My dad founded the family’s law firm, and my mother has been there to assist him. Without my mother’s good help, my dad’s career would not be successful.

Immediately, Paul sighed with self-deprecation: “It’s just that my ability hasn’t grown up yet, so I have to bother my mother all the time.”

Meiqing smiled and said, “Son, in fact, you have done a very good job. Mom especially hopes that you can grow up as soon as possible, and then take over the company as a whole. In this case, Mom won’t have to work so hard anymore.”

With that, Meiqing couldn’t help sighing: “Mom is now back to China and Aurous Hill. The biggest idea in my heart is not to start our family’s business in Aurous Hill, but to enjoy the retirement life of a Chinese Ladyn in in the city.”

Afterwards, Meiqing looked at Jacob and sighed in her heart: I have been working hard in the United States for so many years, but I am actually very tired of my career.

In addition, I have never really felt the taste of love, so I now want to go back to China, let go of all that before, concentrate on being an Lady, and if given the opportunity, she even hopes to be able to be with Jacob, her first love If you continue the frontier, this will make up for the regrets that she have had for many years.

She also knows that lawyers in the United States are actually a very popular profession, because many lawsuits in the United States are very high in compensation, often tens of millions, even hundreds of millions.

According to media reports, a few years ago, someone sued Marlboro, a famous American tobacco brand, for inducing smoking and causing death. The American court even awarded hundreds of millions in compensation.

There was also an Asian man who was beaten by American Airlines security on the plane. That incident had a very bad impact on the airline. In the end, the lawyer won tens of millions in compensation for the Asian man.

For lawyers, they also have to receive at least 30 to 50% of the compensation amount, and sometimes even higher.

Therefore, this is why the lawyers in the United States are very professional, and they are simply desperate to file a lawsuit, and even do everything they want.

Because the benefits behind this are really too great, it is possible to win a big lawsuit, and the direct compensation is divided into several million tens of millions, which is much easier than for ordinary people to make money.

Therefore, in the United States, the status of lawyers is also very high, and they are all upper-class people.

Especially some of the more famous super heroes in the United States, people like this can generally become billionaires, and even many stars, billionaires and important American guests.

Therefore, Jacob couldn’t help but feel more inferior in his heart, because he guessed that the family of Meiqing must be very, very rich, even enough to make their mother and son become an upper class society in Aurous Hill.

In contrast, there is nothing he can tell…