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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 857 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 857 Start

Charlie really didn’t expect that Paul could guess his identity all at once.

However, he knew that Paul was making just a guess, and he couldn’t admit this kind of thing.

Charlie was about to deny it, and the Old Master on the side laughed and said: “Oh, Paul, you really think too much. My son-in-law is the son-in-law recruited from our family. If he is from the Wade family, I am afraid that our family will fly on the branch and become a phoenix.”

Although Jacob is usually not very motivated, and he doesn’t do any business. But he still knew the name of the Wade family in Eastcliff.

It can even be said that there are not many people in China who don’t know the Wade Family because the Wade Family is so famous.

Because of this, it was impossible for him to believe that Charlie belonged to the Wade family.

Because there are too many people surnamed Wade in this world, but there is only one Wade family.

He knew Charlie’s life experience very clearly. When he was young, he entered the orphanage. When he was 18, he went out to work on the construction site. When he was in his early 20s, he was taken home by his father and became his own son-in-law.

How could such a person belong to the Wade family?

If Charlie would be Eastcliff Wade family, wouldn’t he be the lost young master of the universe family?

As soon as Paul heard that Charlie was the son-in-law, he immediately realized that he had guessed wrong. After all, what kind of family was the Wade family? How could such a family let their young master be the son-in-law of others? Even the president of the United States cannot have such qualifications.

So he smiled and said to Charlie: “It seems that I have misunderstood. I’m sorry, but the main reason is that you are also named Wade, and this Shangri-La is the property of Wade family, so I think too much. I hope Mr. Charlie will forgive me a lot.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Paul, you don’t have to be so polite.”

While they were talking, the manager of the catering department took them to the door of the box, and respectfully said to the four people: “Mr. Charlie and three distinguished guests, please come inside!”

The four of them stepped into the box, and Charlie invited his father-in-law to sit in the main seat, and then said to his first love, Meiqing, “Aunt, sit with my father-in-law, after all, you have been so many years apart. You haven’t met, there must be a lot of things you want to talk about.”

Meiqing nodded, and said with a smile: “Yeah, then you can sit with Paul. I think your conversation is quite speculative.”

Charlie hurriedly nodded and agreed, but kept reminding himself in his own heart that he should be a little more cautious when speaking in front of Paul, because this person does not seem simple.

After sitting down, Charlie handed the menu to the two elders and asked them to order some meals they liked.

Jacob hurriedly said: “Oh, Meiqing, I still remember which dishes you like to eat, or let me have some?”

Meiqing asked in surprise: “No, after all these years, do you remember what I like to eat?”

Jacob smiled and said, “Of course, I will definitely not forget this.”

Having said that, Jacob picked up the menu and ordered several dishes with the waiter, all of which were local dishes from Aurous Hill.

Every time Jacob ordered a dish, Meiqing’s expression became even more surprised. After Jacob ordered several times in one breath, she was already dumbfounded by surprise.

Because every dish he ordered was a Aurous Hill dish that she liked very much back then.