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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 852 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 852 Start

At that time, it happened that an American boy was madly pursuing her, so out of anger, and out of wanting to forget the past as soon as possible, she agreed to the other party’s pursuit.

As a result, the two quickly married, got married, and soon had a child.

That American boy was very kind to her and cared for her for a lifetime, but she has been unable to forget her ex-boyfriend for more than 20 years.

When she looked back at that period of history, she realized that she had been deliberate and fooled by others.

The roommate didn’t come to her to confess at all, nor did she really hope that she would not mind this. She just hoped that she would mind, that she couldn’t let it go, and she wanted to take the initiative to quit, and then handed her ex-boyfriend to her.

But the oneself back then was still too young, too proud, too focused on the principles of life and the purity of feelings, so she gave up her beloved man. Right in the arms of that roommate.

Because of Jacob’s unforgettable heart, Meiqing’s married life was actually very painful.

Her husband loved her very much, and she had fulfilled the responsibilities and obligations of a good wife, never betrayed him, took good care of her family and child, and even helped him a lot in his career.

However, deep in her heart, she knew that this was just a life of supporting and respecting him. Although she thanked him very much, respected him, cared for him, she did not love him.

The marriage without love lasted for more than 20 years, and her husband died because of cancer.

Meiqing took care of her husband wholeheartedly until he was buried.

After her husband was buried, Meiqing’s heart suddenly became empty.

At this time, she realized that she had completely fulfilled all her obligations to her husband as a wife.

Virtuous, loyal, caring for the family, passing on from generation to generation, she goes all out at every point.

However, after her husband died, she suddenly realized that her life should be lived for herself once.

So, she resolutely prepared to return home.

And what she wanted to see most when she returned to China was Jacob, who was impulsively handed over to Elaine.

However, she really did not expect that Jacob and Elaine would be so unhappy.

In the words of Jacob, He hasn’t felt happiness in more than 20 years, so how much torment in these days?

Although she hasn’t felt true love for more than 20 years, but fortunately, her husband treats her very well, even if there is no love, at least he is still very happy.

Jacob was also very melancholy at this time.

For more than twenty years, he has been regretting that he had drunk too much that night.

For more than 20 years, he has never loved Elaine, nor has he felt the happiness of his family.

He has been obsessed with Meiqing for more than 20 years, and it is more than 20 years since he saw Meiqing again and her scorching demeanor. His heart is full of regret.

He should have been with this perfect, humble, intellectual and understanding woman for half of his life.

But why, just missed her and came together with a shrew like Elaine?

At this moment, Jacob felt that what he had missed was the whole world!