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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 85 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 85 Start

Zhaodong immediately made a call and said loudly, “Seven brothers, I am at the People’s Hospital now. Bring a few brothers here, I am going to give you a kid to take care of!”

Charlie did not call, but directly sent a text message to Mr. Orvel: “Come to the People’s Hospital, someone wants to kill me.”

Orvel immediately called back and blurted out, “Mr. Charlie, which dog is not long-eyed and doesn’t want to live?”

Charlie said lightly: “Stop talking nonsense, just come over directly.”

Orvel immediately said, “Mr. Charlie, don’t worry, I’ll be here!”

When Zhaodong saw that Charlie was also on the phone, he sneered: “What? Can you call someone too?”

Charlie sneered and said, “I said it will make you die miserably!”

Zhaodong seemed to have heard this joke, and sneered: “Are you out of your mind? In Aurous Hill, someone who can make me die miserably, no mother has given birth to such a man!”

Stephen on the hospital bed struggled to sit up and said anxiously: “Charlie, you go quickly, don’t mess with this guy, you can’t mess with him.”

Charlie walked up to him, pushed him back on the bed, and said lightly: “Just lie down.”

Stephen said eagerly: “You don’t know the origin of Zhaodong, his family is very powerful in Aurous Hill”

Charlie peeled an orange, stuffed it into his mouth, and said, “The person I can’t afford to offend hasn’t been born yet!”

Lili laughed and said, “Oh my god, you can really brag, do you know what Zhaodong does at home?”

Charlie said: “I don’t know what his family does, I only know that he will be a disabled person for the rest of his life!”

After finishing speaking, he said: “Oh yes, so you!”

Lili’s face turned black immediately: “Well, since you are looking for death, then wait!”

Charlie asked Stephen at this time: “Does Lili’s father Yuesheng know about you being beaten?”

“He knows.” Stephen said, “I called him.”

Charlie nodded and asked: “What did he say?”

Stephen looked angry and said: “He said that it is young people’s affairs, he can’t control it! That means he doesn’t want me to be there!”

Charlie asked again: “Then you invested the 100,000 in the hotel, did you ask him for it?”

“Yes!” Stephen’s expression became even more annoyed and gritted his teeth: “This Old Master actually said that my 100,000 was not invested in a restaurant and that he was honored as a future son-in-law. He also said that I was not qualified to go back. He will not return it to me!”

“Unreasonable!” Charlie snorted coldly, “No wonder there is such a cheap daughter, so he is a scumbag!”

“Charlie, what are you talking about?” Lili suddenly became angry, and blurted out: “Dare to scold my dad, I think you are tired of life, right?”

After speaking, she shook Zhaodong’s arm hurriedly, begging: “Darling, he dare to scold my dad, you beat him to death for me!”

Zhaodong is a playboy, he is not very tall, and his physical fitness is very average. Standing in front of Charlie, he is half short. What’s more, Charlie does all kinds of housework at home every day, goes to bed and wakes early, and has excellent physical fitness. If he started with Charlie, it would be impossible to win over Charlie.

What’s more, Charlie studied martial arts with his father when he was a child. After his parents passed away, he never failed to practice kung fu in the orphanage. It is precisely by virtue of the one-piece boxing skills he learned since childhood that he could not be bullied in the orphanage.

Therefore, if he really starts, let alone Zhaodong, even if it is five Zhaodongs, they may not stand as Charlie’s opponents.

Zhaodong also knew very well in his heart that if he did it now, he would not take advantage at all, and he would probably be beaten again. So he touched Lili’s hand and comforted: “Baby, don’t worry, Brother has already sent someone here. Just wait here! When they arrive, I will kill him!”