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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 849 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 849 Start

Jacob hurriedly said: “By the way, Meiqing, I have booked a box at Shangri-La Hotel. Let’s go to have a meal first, and pick up the dust for you and your son!”

Meiqing smiled and said, “Thank you so much, Mrs. Jacob and son-in-law, who came to pick us up from afar and invited us to dinner…”

“It should be!” Jacob smiled awkwardly, and couldn’t wait to say: “It just so happened that we were driving there, let’s go directly!”

“Okay.” Meiqing nodded, and then said to Paul: “Son, tell your driver, we won’t take the company car, let’s take your Uncle Willson’s car.”

Paul smiled and said, “Okay mom, I’ll call the driver and ask him to send the luggage to the hotel room first.”

“It is good!”

Paul politely said to Jacob and Charlie: “Uncle Willson, Charlie, wait for me first, I’ll make a call, sorry!”

Jacob hurriedly said: “Oh, Paul, look at you child, you are too polite, you don’t need to be so polite with your uncle.”

Paul smiled and said, “I should be.”

After speaking, he took out his mobile phone and walked aside to make a call.

Jacob then asked Meiqing curiously: “Meiqing, you and your son returned to China, and did you arrange a driver in China?”

Meiqing nodded and said: “After Paul’s father passed away, I always want to return to the country to settle, but his father left a company. Paul said that he can’t throw away his father’s life’s hard work, so he began to gradually start business transfer to China six months ago.”

Jacob asked in surprise: “Did you transfer all the industries to China first?”

“Yes.” Meiqing said: “But I don’t participate much in these things, it is Paul taking care of it.”

Jacob nodded lightly, feeling a little inferior in his heart.

Meiqing and her son returned to settle in China, and even transferred the business. An enterprise worth such a lot of trouble is probably not small in scale. From this point of view, Meiqing’s current economic strength is very strong.

“In contrast, I am a little embarrassed. After all, the Willson family is now down, and I have no source of income. It can even be described as penniless. The only one who can do it is Tomson First Grade. The villa is now, but this villa is still owned by Charlie.”

Thinking of this, Jacob felt a little bored.

Given his current situation, would Meiqing look down on him?

It’s been half a lifetime, and most middle-aged people have at least a certain career, industry and family business, but he still have nothing to do now, which is too shameful!

Charlie also saw that Jacob’s expression was a little upset, knowing that he must think that Meiqing is too good, and he is not worthy of others, but he did not break it either.

At this time, Paul finished the call and said with a smile: “Mom, Uncle Willson, and Brother Charlie, I have already told the driver, let’s go.”

“Okay.” Charlie said with a smile: “Then let’s go.”

The four people went out of the airport together. A brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped in front of them. A foreigner got out of the car and respectfully said to Paul: “Hello, general manager!”

Paul nodded slightly.

The foreigner driver said to Meiqing, “Hello, Chairman.”

Meiqing nodded and smiled, and said, “Mike, you help me deliver my luggage to Shangri-La, and directly ask the front desk to send the luggage to my and Paul’s rooms.”