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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 847 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 847 Start

A little more than eight o’clock, Charlie drove the car and went out with the Old Master who burned the bag.

There were still more than two hours before the plane landed, but Jacob couldn’t wait.

After the Tomson Villa, he hurriedly asked Charlie: “Good son-in-law, do you know where the flowers are sold? I want to buy a bunch of roses to take with me.”

Charlie said, “Dad, she will be with her son. It’s not appropriate for you to send roses in front of her son, right?”

Jacob thought for a while, nodded and said, “You are right, then let me give her a bunch of ordinary flowers.”

Charlie said: “I know there is a flower shop, not far away, let’s go buy flowers first.”

When he arrived at the flower shop, Charlie spent five hundred and asked the shopkeeper to help with a bouquet of flowers that symbolized friendship, and then he took it back to Jacob in the car.

Holding the bouquet of flowers, Jacob was very excited, and said with a smile: “This boss is good at craftsmanship. This flower looks very impressive! I believe Meiqing will like it!”

Charlie smiled slightly, and said to his heart that Jacob is a typical second spring glow. If this Meiqing is interesting to him, maybe the two can get together.

Thinking of this, Charlie felt a little sympathetic to the Old Master.

“No way, for the sake of my wife, I must not let Elaine evaporate from the world. Therefore, although the Old Master can happily meet the old lover now, but after a few days Elaine is released, his hard life will be started.”

If Elaine knows that Meiqing is back, she still doesn’t know how to make trouble, then Jacob’s life will probably be more sad than before.

But naturally, Charlie didn’t tell his old man. After all, he is in the most exciting time now, so let him enjoy the feeling of freedom and the breath of his first girlfriend before Elaine comes out!

At this time, Jacob asked again: “Oh yes Charlie, have you booked a place in Shangri-La?”

“It’s booked.” Charlie nodded and said, “Don’t worry about it, I will satisfy you and Aunt today.”

“That’s good, that’s good!” Jacob breathed a sigh of relief. He held the flower and looked at it again. He approached the only rose in the bouquet and smelled it, and sighed, “Scent! It’s so refreshing!”

After finishing speaking, he couldn’t help humming an old song: “Rose rose, I love you; rose rose, love is heavy…”

Charlie shook his head and sighed secretly. He didn’t expect that after some hourse of freedom, he would be quite depressed…


After driving to the airport, the two arrived at the arrival hall. Jacob kept staring at the arrival screen at the airport. After searching for a long time, he finally found Meiqing’s flight.

The expected landing time of the flight is 10:20, and there is one hour left, and the other party is returning from abroad, there must be an entry process, so it is estimated that it will be 11 o’clock when she comes out.

Jacob was very excited and didn’t feel tired. He stood for more than an hour after standing.

Five minutes before eleven o’clock, a group of people came out from the exit. Jacob was holding flowers looking forward to it. Suddenly he saw a middle-aged woman wearing a black dress, and immediately waved to her excitedly: “Meiqing! “

When the other party saw him, she was taken aback for a moment, and then she said with surprise on his face: “Oh my God, Jacob!”

After all, walk a few steps quickly and walk towards Jacob.

Charlie also became interested, and hurriedly wanted to see what Jacob’s first love, looked like.

So he took a look, and he was shocked!

Meiqing is said to be the same year as Jacob, and both are 48 years old, but Meiqing doesn’t look like a 48-year-old woman at all!

She is tall and slender, and her skin is well maintained. She wears a long black one-piece dress, which looks like a goddess, and her hair is very dignified.