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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 846 Free Novel

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Elaine knew this was a threat. As long as she eats by herself, even as long as she reaches out to get the meal, she will probably suffer a meal.

So she cried and pleaded: “Sister Jones, you beat, scolded, and punished yesterday. Please be merciful and forgive me…”

Gena Jones raised her eyebrows and asked: “I can spare you, but who can bring my dead mother back to life? Do you know how miserable it was when she drank pesticides and finally lay in the hospital bed with breathless and suffocated breath? ?”

Elaine burst into tears and said: “Sister Jones…I know you are a filial daughter, but I haven’t harmed your mother…”

Gena Jones angrily said: “You still talk nonsense with me? I tell you, my mother was killed by her unfilial daughter-in-law, so I feel sick when I see someone like you! You should be glad that it is not an ancient society, otherwise I would chop you out for the sky!”

The Old Mrs. Willson hummed triumphantly: “Gena, you are so right! This kind of woman was supposed to be immersed in a pig cage in ancient times! It is the kind of bamboo cage, put her in it, and then fall Put on a few big rocks and throw them into the river to drown her directly!”

Elaine was so frightened that she didn’t dare to say anything, nor did she dared to eat. She could only bow her head and stand in front of Gena Jones, like a kid who made a mistake.

Gena Jones drank her last mouthful of porridge, and used the last piece of steamed bread to turn around in the porridge bowl, dipped all the remaining rice fat in the porridge bowl, and ate it in one bite.

Afterwards, she said intently: “Oh, I don’t seem to be full.”

At this time, a female prisoner pointed to the plastic basket and said, “Sister, isn’t there still one portion left in there? You can eat that portion too!”

Gena Jones deliberately looked at Elaine with a smile, and asked with a grin: “Oh Elaine, I have breakfast for you, are you okay?”

“No comments, no comments!” How can Elaine dare to say something? Can only nod like garlic.

Gena Jones smiled and said, “I’m fine, I am a person who exercises a lot, so I have a lot of appetite. It took a lot of physical energy to beat you yesterday, and I really need to make up for it today.”

With that, she walked to the plastic basket and took out the lunch box inside. After opening it, she held the buns in one hand and the lunch box in the other for porridge.

Because she deliberately wanted to torture Elaine, she drank porridge and sucked very loudly, making Elaine’s gluttonous legs soft and her stomach twitching.

Gena Jones ate up all the steamed buns and drank almost one third of the porridge. Then she shook her hand deliberately and threw the lunch box to the ground, and the porridge was immediately spilled.

Gena Jones sighed and said annoyedly: “Why is it spilled? It’s a waste…”

As she said, she waved to Elaine and said, “Go to the toilet and get a mop, and mop this piece clean.”

Elaine has never cherished food in her entire life, and she has not even finished a bowl of rice cleanly, but now looking at the pool of rice porridge on the ground, she feels very distressed.

Seeing her eyes fixed on the rice porridge on the ground, Gena Jones smiled and said, “Elaine, if you are hungry, you can also kneel on the ground and lick the porridge.”

When Elaine heard this, she felt wronged and wanted to die.

Kneeling on the ground and licking porridge? How dirty this ground is! Countless people have stepped on it. The mop that mopped the floor in the toilet is already black. Now that she lick the porridge spilled on the floor, how can she stand it?

She can’t lick it even if she starves to death!

Thinking of this, she hurriedly said: “I’d better drag it clean.”

Gena Jones sneered: “Whatever you do, but you will lick it sooner or later. If you don’t believe it, let’s just wait and see!”