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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 839 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 839 Start

Originally, Claire hadn’t seen Jacob drinking.

But after she got closer, she suddenly smelled the smell of alcohol on his body, and suddenly became very angry!

Father usually likes to drink some wine, she has absolutely no opinion, but the point is, he clearly said that he was going to the mahjong hall to find her mother. Why he came back drunken? !

This…this proves that he didn’t go to search for her mother at all, but…to drink!

When Jacob heard Claire asking him about drinking, he hurriedly covered his mouth, stepped back, and explained in a panic: “Don’t talk nonsense, I didn’t drink!”

“You’re just talking nonsense!” Claire stomped angrily: “I can smell alcohol on you! you didn’t have it when you went out, you have it now! You must have been drinking in the middle!”

As she said, she fixed her eyes on Jacob’s collar, and found that there were a few oil spots, and her angry eyes were red: “Mom has disappeared and cannot be found. Not only will you not look for her, but you will also eat and drink. , How happy you are!”

Jacob said embarrassingly: “Oh, me…Oh, I…I really don’t…”

Claire angrily said, “Dad, do you think I can believe it?”

Jacob knew there was no sophistry, so he could only look at Charlie and said, “Charlie called me to go.”

After finishing speaking, he hurriedly winked at Charlie, which meant a good son-in-law, please help me carry this pot first.

Charlie is also very human, and without hesitation, he nodded and said: “Yes, that’s right, Dad is right, I really called him to drink.”

In fact, Charlie knew very well, anyway, he didn’t drink any alcohol, Jacob drank dizzy, the more he said it was his own idea at this time, the less Claire would believe it.

Sure enough, Claire stomped her foot and said angrily: “Dad, at this time you are still throwing the pot to Charlie! Can’t you be a little manly?”

Jacob said with a gloomy expression: “I’m telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, I can’t help it.”

After finishing speaking, he quickly said: “Oh, I’m really old, and I feel sleepy and uncomfortable after ten o’clock. I will go back to my room and rest first.”

Claire wanted to stop him, but he ran away without looking back.

In desperation, Claire looked at Charlie again, and said: “You too, I called you to ask you, and you said you were looking for a mahjong hall, but actually took my dad to eat and drink!”

Charlie coughed and said, “He said he was hungry and uncomfortable. I can’t drag the Old Master hungry and run with me all over the street. In case of hypoglycemia and fainting, he might be vulnerable to danger.”

“Then you can’t lie to me! Tell me the truth, couldn’t you tell me that you two are eating?”

Charlie didn’t know how to answer at once, and felt that this matter was indeed not handled properly. The key is that Jacob could not be seen by Claire. If he knew this was the case, he really wouldn’t go to the barbecue.

So he could only apologize sincerely: “I’m sorry, my wife, I owe this matter to me. Dad said at the time that I didn’t tell you, so I couldn’t tell you on the phone.”

Charlie was not guilty at all when he said this.

Anyway, the pot is tossed back and forth. Since the old man is not here, it is natural to throw the pot to him.

Claire also believed Charlie’s words, thinking that it must be Dad’s idea, and Charlie was forced to be by his side and couldn’t tell the truth to her.

Although her anger had subsided a bit, she still felt very wronged in her heart, so she sighed weakly, and said with some emotional breakdown: “Charlie, my mother is missing now, my dad doesn’t care, neither will you, how would you let me find her by myself…If something happens to her, how will you let me live the rest of my life? I might not forgive myself until I die!”

Charlie hurriedly comforted and said, “Don’t think too much about it, mom will definitely not have an accident.”