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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 837 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 837 Start

Elaine was very wronged in bed.

She hasn’t eaten a bite for more than twelve hours, and she has been violently beaten. She has gone hungry on her chest and back. Even if she can resist eating or drinking, she can’t help her stomach cry!

However, she did not dare to offend Gena Jones.

After all, this stinky lady beats up people too hard.

She was thinking about going to sleep with her head covered quickly. Who would have thought that at this time, her unbelievable stomach groaned again.

Gena Jones stood up immediately, rushed to Elaine in three or two steps, and greeted her face with a slap in the face. Elaine’s red and swollen face was blown up with a slap, and it was more like an explosion.

Elaine could only plead, “I’m sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean it…”

Due to the loss of two front teeth, Elaine is now seriously leaking, so her speech is very unclear, and it is more difficult to listen to her.

Gena Jones slapped her again and cursed: “d*mn, your tongue is cut off? You can’t speak clearly? Tell me loudly and clearly!”

Elaine hurriedly said loudly: “I didn’t mean it! I’m sorry!”

When the voice went down, the two front teeth were vacant, and a ball of saliva was directly sprayed on Gena Jones’s face impartially.

Gena Jones stretched out her hand and touched it, angrily grabbed Elaine by the hair, dragged her off the bed directly, and dragged her hair into the toilet.

Elaine struggled and yelled all the way, but no one sympathized with her at all, on the contrary, everyone still watched with relish.

Old Mrs. Willson staggered to the door of the toilet, watching Gena Jones press Elaine on the damp floor and bow left and right, and said with a smile: “Gena, let her sleep in the toilet at night!”

Gena Jones nodded, then slapped Elaine, and said angrily: “If you dare to go out of the toilet tonight, I will f*cking kill you!”

Elaine’s face was even more swollen, and the painful whole person almost collapsed. She could only nod her head and whimper vaguely: “I sleep in the toilet! I sleep in the toilet! Please stop hitting me, please!”

Gena Jones snorted coldly and said, “Is this dying? Tell you, your good days are long, let me wait!”

After finishing speaking, she stood up and kicked Elaine again before turning to leave.

Old Mrs. Willson did not leave, but leaned on the door frame of the toilet, looking at Elaine, who was crying on the ground, and sneered: “Elaine, people are watching, you are an unfilial dog. Did not let me live in Tomson Villa, you can enjoy it by yourself? Take a look! You have not slept in Tomson Villa for one night, and you have fallen to the present end. What is it, do you know? It proves that you did not live at all Enter the life of Tomson first-grade!”

Elaine cried and said, “Mom, all the previous mistakes were my fault, but you have beaten and scolded and scolded. I beg you to tell Gena Jones, don’t beat me. I’m wrong I know!”

“Knowing what’s wrong?” Mrs. Willson coldly snorted, “Do you think I don’t know what you are? If it is strong, it will be soft, and if it is soft, it will be strong. If it weren’t for Gena and other inmates to support me here, you would Just fight me, if someone like you really knows what’s wrong, the sun can come out from the west!”

Old Mrs. Willson and Elaine are actually the same kind of people, and they know each other’s nature very well.

The Lady Willson knew very well in her heart that neither Elaine nor herself could really succumb to one person, the only possibility was forced by the situation.

Elaine is kneeling on her own now. If she is given a chance to come back, she will worsen her situation.