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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 836 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 836 Start

“Yes!” Jacob said excitedly: “The key is that her husband is dead, haha! Isn’t this God helping me too?!”

Charlie nodded, but then said: “Dad, but Mom is not dead…”

Jacob’s expression suddenly cooled down again, and he said awkwardly, “Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t curse her to death.”

With that, Jacob sighed and said, “You said that if she was like Horiyah, she would have eloped with someone, it would be great…”

Charlie shook his head helplessly, Jacob’s heart, fearing that it had all gone to Meiqing, who was about to return to China. The feelings that had been faintly for Elaine had already disappeared.

Therefore, Charlie couldn’t help sighing: “If Claire can accept that her mother’s disappearance is an elopement with someone else, that would be great.”

If Claire treats Elaine as well as Jacob, then he will let Elaine disappear from the world in minutes.

For people like Elaine, it would be cheaper for her to watch everything, eat, drink, and live. It’s better to send her to the black coal mine to dig for coal and go with Horiyah.

Horiyah’s gang probably hated Elaine. If Elaine was also sent there, it wouldn’t be justified not to suffer dozens of beatings a day.

It is a pity that Claire is too kind, kind enough to be too tolerant of Elaine.

Jacob was in a very good mood. He ate and drank all by himself. He was so happy. He kept pulling Charlie to accompany him to drink, but Charlie always picked up the wine glass and poured the wine while he was not paying attention. After all, it was tonight, the first time he went to bed, he still hoped that he could complete the marriage with Claire. Wouldn’t it be too disappointing to drink alcohol?

Jacob ate and drank enough. It was already more than ten o’clock in the night. Claire called Charlie to ask about the situation. Charlie had to say: “We haven’t found her. I guess mother didn’t come out to play mahjong. Where could she be? “

Claire said in an anxious voice: “I also found some of mother’s former friends, but I haven’t found any clues.”

Charlie said: “Why don’t you just stop looking around like the headless flies tonight? Let’s go home and wait. Since the police have reported missing, I believe they will help pay attention. What do you think? ?”

“Hey…” Claire sighed and said, “That can only be the case. Elsa and I are going back now, and you and Dad will go back too.”

“Okay.” Charlie answered, then hung up the phone and said to Jacob, “Dad, let’s go.”

Jacob patted his thigh and said with a smile, “Come! Let’s go home and take a bath and sleep. You will accompany me to the airport tomorrow morning.”

Charlie asked in surprise, “I want to go?”

“Of course.” Jacob said: “Meiqing is still taking her son. We are reminiscing about the past. Isn’t her son just an electric light bulb? Then you will talk to him more, nonsense, and create something private for me and Meiqing. Chance to chat.”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded and agreed, “Then I will go with you tomorrow.”

“Oh, right.” Jacob said embarrassedly: “Good son-in-law, your father and I have no money, and I will pay you the money left over from buying furniture. Or tomorrow Shangri-La, will you help dad arrange a table?”

“Okay, I’ll arrange it.” Charlie didn’t have any selfish intentions to the old man, after all, he was pretty good to him.

So Charlie sent Issac a WeChat message, asking him to reserve a better box in Shangri-La tomorrow.

However, he also pointed out that it must not be the best gear, otherwise it is difficult to explain, and it is almost the same if it is above the middle.

Issac immediately ordered the lobby manager of Shangri-La to arrange the boxes in advance.

At this moment, in the detention center.

Because the lights had already been turned off, Elaine could only lie on her wooden bed hungry, enduring the pain all over her body.

As soon as she lay down, her stomach groaned.

Gena Jones, who was not far away from her, immediately cursed: “Elaine, if it groans in your stomach, you can roll out of bed and go to the toilet let me sleep!”