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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 834 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 834 Start

How to explain?” Jacob said: “No matter how you explain it, Elaine and I had actually done that. Meiqing has a cleanliness, life is clean, and emotions are also clean. She also knows that I was drunk and designed by Elaine. , But she felt that she could no longer accept me like that, so she broke up with me without hesitation and went to the United States.”

Charlie deliberately asked him: “Then do you still think of her in your heart?”

Jacob also opened the chatterbox, and said with emotion: “I think, how can I not, she is the first woman in my life, and the only woman I have ever loved, otherwise I would not change the phone password to her birthday. …..”

Charlie nodded with understanding, and then asked: “Then have you inquired about her current situation?”

“I’ve inquired about.” Jacob said: “But I can’t find out anything. In the past few years, I only heard that she married an American and gave birth to a son. It is said that the family conditions are very good, but there is nothing more detailed. People know, after all, our old classmates didn’t have much contact with her, and we immediately broke contact with our classmates.”

Charlie nodded lightly, and thought to himself, if Meiqing knew that Jacob had become like this now, I guess she wouldn’t feel the same way back then.

Jacob saw that Charlie had not drunk at this time, and said with some dissatisfaction: “Good son-in-law, why don’t you drink two glasses? Just let me drink it alone!”

Charlie smiled and picked up the wine, and said, “Come, come, have a drink with you.”

Just after speaking, Jacob’s cell phone rang suddenly.

The phone showed an unfamiliar number, and he couldn’t help frowning: “That’s it, who will call me.”

After speaking, he subconsciously pressed to answer.

A woman’s gentle voice came from the other end of the phone, and she asked tentatively, “Excuse me, is this Jacob?”

Jacob was taken aback and asked nervously, “You…you are…”

The other party smiled slightly and said with a smile: “I’m Meiqing, Meiqing.”

Jacob was struck by lightning!

He was stunned for a while, and then asked excitedly: “Miqing? It’s really you?!”

“It’s me.” The other party smiled and said, “Is my voice getting old, so you can’t hear it anymore? But I heard, your voice didn’t change much.”

Jacob said in a panic: “I…you…we haven’t been in contact for so many years, why would you suddenly call me? I…I just talked to my son-in-law. Talking about you…”

“Really?” The other party couldn’t help asking: “Why would you talk to your son-in-law about me? Could it be that you told him the old calendars?”

“No, it’s not.” Jacob obviously has completely messed up and said hurriedly: “I’m not drinking with my son-in-law, I was a little bit overwhelmed, and I was emotional.”

After that, Jacob asked, “Meiqing…how did you think of contacting me?”

Meiqing smiled slightly: “My son and I are going to return to China to settle, so I will contact you and other old classmates. When I return to Aurous Hill, I want to treat you to dinner. After all, everyone hasn’t seen you…”