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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 826 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 826 Start

The prison guard took a step back, pulled her leg out, and said to the two people who were going to get the food: “Hurry up.”

The two hurried to the front and followed the guards out.

Elaine was desperate inside.

As soon as the prison guards closed the iron gate, Gena Jones walked towards Elaine with a dark face, gritted her teeth and said: “You, you are quite kind, dare to accuse me?!”

Elaine collapsed and said: “I’m sorry, sorry, I was confused for a while, please forgive me this time!”

“Forgive you?” Gena Jones raised her arm and slapped. Elaine, who drew directly, was dizzy.

Old Mrs. Willson also came over shivering, and she gritted her teeth and stepped directly on Elaine’s fingers. She cursed, “Dog stuff! It seems that you still were beaten less! Wait, I will pay you more. I have to stay here for fifteen days, and you will feel better for these fifteen days!”

Gena Jones on the side hurriedly said: “Lady Willson, it is hard to be divided into a cell with this unfilial [email protected] If I were you, I would definitely reluctant to leave in fifteen days! I can’t wait to beat her five or six times every day to relieve the hatred!”

The Lady Willson nodded repeatedly and said, “If I can beat her every day, I can’t bear to leave to be honest!”

Elaine collapsed and blurted out: “Mom, just forgive me. If you don’t hit me or let this woman hit me in the future, I will arrange a room for you at Tomson, OK?”

The Lady Willson snorted coldly: “Are you stupid? You don’t know how long you want to stay here, how do you arrange for me?!”

Elaine said, “I will write you a letter when you leave. Take it to find Claire. Then Claire will know what’s going on, and she will definitely let you live in!”

The Lady Willson frowned and asked, “Really?”

“Really!” Elaine nodded and cried, “You don’t know what the girl is like from Claire. She is the most filial. If I say it, she will definitely agree!”

The Lady Willson hesitated suddenly.

To say hating Elaine, it is really more than hate, the kind of hate to the bones.

However, the temptation of Tomson’s first-grade villa is also quite big. Moreover, Elaine still doesn’t know how long she will be locked in it. When the time comes to live in Tomson’s first-grade villa by himself, wouldn’t it be cool if Elaine is in the way?

Thinking of this, the Lady Willson was ready to agree.

So she immediately said: “Elaine, you can write a letter now, and I will spare you when you finish writing, and I won’t hit you anymore!”

Elaine was shrewd in her heart and blurted out: “Mom, don’t hit me in the future, I must have written it to you the day I leave!”

The Lady Willson was not confused, and said sharply: “You want to play me? If I’m going to let it go, if you don’t write about it, wouldn’t I be fooled by you?”

Elaine blurted out: “I can swear to heaven, I will write to you!”

The Lady Willson snorted coldly: “I don’t believe your oath!”

At this time, Gena Jones on the side smiled and said, “Lady Willson, isn’t it easy? If she writes that everything is fine now, but if she doesn’t write, beat her ten times and twenty times a day, I don’t think she can write. right!”

Elaine yelled: “You can’t do this! It will kill me! You won’t have a better life if you kill me!”

Gena Jones grinned and said: “Don’t worry, it’s really fatal. I will tie your sheets to the beams of the room, and then hang your body! I will say that you committed suicide in fear of sin!”