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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 825 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 825 Start

When Elaine encountered a blast in the detention center, Charlie received a call from Issac.

As soon as Issac came up online, he said, “Mr. Wade Elaine has been put in the detention center, and I have arranged her in a cell with the Lady Willson of the Willson family and that Wendy according to your wishes.”

Charlie asked, “Have you said hello to the prison guard?”

Issac said: “I have asked my subordinates to say hello to the person in charge of the detention center. No one will care about what torture Elaine suffers inside.”

“Okay.” Charlie said coldly: “Let her suffer more in it!”

Issac hurriedly asked: “Mr. Wade do you want me to arrange a few people to go in and do her directly? If this is the case, she won’t be able to provoke you again.”

Charlie hesitated for a moment and said, “Don’t worry, let me see how things develop.”

For Charlie, he hoped that Elaine would disappear from his and Claire’s world from now on.

Moreover, he believes that Jacob will not only have no opinion on this, on the contrary, he will definitely feel relieved.

However, it is difficult for Claire to say.

Based on Charlie’s understanding of her, she is a very filial and affectionate woman. If her mother suddenly evaporates from the world, she may not be able to let it go for a lifetime.

Therefore, Charlie was going to observe Claire’s reaction first.

In order not to let Claire see anything, when he went to the supermarket in the afternoon to buy vegetables, he still bought the food for four people, and also bought something Elaine likes to eat.

However, Elaine had no chance to taste it.

Gena Jones took a group of people and hammered Elaine to death. Seeing that she had been beaten into a pig head, she temporarily let her go, and sternly threatened: “Tell you, don’t talk nonsense when the warning comes, or else you will pay more. I will hit you! Do you know?”

How dare Elaine say no, nodded hurriedly and said: “I know, I know, I will not talk nonsense…”

In fact, what Elaine thought in her heart was that the prison guards immediately called for help as soon as they arrived, and sent all of the b*tches to the prison guards. Don’t think about it one by one! She has heard that if a prisoner in a prison fights, they will be given additional punishment!

When Charlie went home and started cooking, it was time for dinner in the detention center.

After all, all hours in the detention center are very disciplined, eating, going to bed, and getting up early, so they eat early at night.

When the prison guards came to the cell where Elaine was located, shortly after Elaine had been beaten, she was curled up in a corner. She had no strength to sit up, and there was no good place to sit up and down. It was so miserable.

The prison guard opened the door of the cell and said lightly: “It’s time to eat…”

Just after speaking, Elaine, with a blue nose and a swollen face, crawled over to her and cried out: “Prison guards help, guards! They beat me! They want to kill me! You must punish them severely!”

The prison guard frowned and looked at her, remembering the explanation from the leader, so she directly regarded her as air, and continued to say to Gena Jones and others: “You sent two people from your cell to get food.”

Gena Jones was a little worried when she saw Elaine’s complaint, and was afraid that she might be detained, but she didn’t expect the prison guards to ignore her at all, so she was relieved and quickly commanded the two women around her and said, “You two and the prison guards Go get the food!”

“OK.” The two hurriedly got up and came to the prison guard.

The prison guard beckoned and said: “Follow me.”

While she was talking, Elaine hugged her leg and cried and said, “Please change me to a different cell, otherwise they will kill me!”