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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 824 Free Novel

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Seeing that the purpose was achieved, Mrs. Willson burst into tears, slapped her legs, and wailed: “My life is suffering! My family is unfortunate, married to such a daughter-in-law, and I will be scolded by her nose when I am about to die!”

Gena Jones couldn’t bear it when the Lady Willson cried.

She remembered the tragic appearance of her mother who was sent to the hospital after drinking pesticides. At that time, she hadn’t died yet, but the doctor told her that because of taking a lot of pesticides, her lungs had become irreversibly fibrotic, and could not save her.

At that time, her mother was crying like this in bed, and Gena Jones couldn’t help crying every time she thought of that scene.

Now that Elaine has forced the Lady Willson to be like this, and is even more arrogant than her own [email protected] sister-in-law, the anger in her heart can’t stand it!

She immediately strode towards Elaine, and said coldly: “You [email protected]! Didn’t your parents teach you to honor your in-laws before you got married?”

Elaine didn’t realize that Gena was here to do it with herself, and when she heard that she even taught herself to honor her in-laws, she suddenly said with contempt: “Honor to in-laws? Are you kidding me? If such a mother-in-law is lying on your head, I am afraid that you would have killed her early.”

When Gena Jones heard this, she couldn’t think of how disgusting and nasty the Old Mrs. Willson was. She just hated this Elaine crazy! Can’t wait to punch her to death!

So she rushed to Elaine, and hit her nose with a punch.

Elaine yelled and was smashed by a punch and sat on the ground. Gena Jones, the big five and three thick, rode directly on her stomach, pulling her hair desperately with one hand, and slapped her with all her strength with the other hand, and cursed, “I will kill You are not filial to your mother-in-law! I will kill you!”

Elaine yelled when she was beaten, and blurted out, “Who are you, why are you hitting me! I asked you to mess with me?”

Gena Jones cursed her while smoking her, “You shameless dog, you abuse your mother-in-law and everyone is punishable! You are doing the way for heaven today!”

Seeing Elaine being beaten, Mrs. Willson was so excited that she blurted out: “Quick! Help me over!”

After speaking, she shivered and was about to stand up.

Wendy and another woman hurriedly helped her up and took her to Elaine.

Old Mrs. Willson was full of excitement and viciousness. She came to Elaine and cursed excitedly: “You [email protected][email protected], look at me today!”

After speaking, she immediately reached out and left a few blood marks on Elaine’s face!

Elaine cried out in pain, and blurted out, “Help! Help prison guard! Murder!”

The prison guard had already gone far by this time. Gena Jones smashed her hair out a lot, grabbed a hand again, and squeezed it between her fingers. While squeezing her face, she sneered and said: “Prison guard The patrol is over, and it won’t come again within an hour. Look at how I can kill your unfilial dog!”

Wendy was also waiting to vent her stomach, so she lifted her foot and kicked Elaine, cursing, “Aren’t you great? You live in a villa of the first class of Tomson, aren’t you awesome? You know, then. It was my former fiance’s villa! Why did you live in and let me fall into the street! I will kick you to death!”

Elaine has indeed been beaten several times, but she has never been beaten so badly!

Because each has her own hatred, these three people are simply fighting to death, leaving no affection at all!

And soon other inmates joined in and attacked Elaine!

Elaine was quickly beaten and there was no good place on her body, so she could only wail in despair, “I beg you to stop beating, I am going to die!”

Gena Jones slapped her in the face: “It’s okay if she can talk! She can’t die for a while, just keep hitting!”