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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 817 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 817 Start

Dongtao was frightened by Elaine, and could only say helplessly: “Then I will help you look at our progress. If it has been reported to the central bank, I can’t find the rest.”

Elaine was anxious, so she splashed coffee on his face and cursed: “Hurry up, what’s this all? Your mother is going to die!”

Dongtao was screaming when he was hot on face. Fortunately, the coffee was not very hot, otherwise he would have to be disfigured.

He was furious, but he really didn’t dare to provoke such a big woman, so he could only humbly say: “Wait a minute, I will help you see the progress.”

After that, after entering the system and checking, he said in surprise: “No! This money shows that the central bank has returned it.”

“What is it? Where did you go?”

Dongtao said: “Your black gold card has been returned to the account.”

“What?” Elaine slapped Dongtao when she went up, cursing: “What’s the matter with you [email protected]? Why is my money returned again?!”

Dongtao, an Old Master who was aggrieved, cried and cried, “Madam, I really don’t know…this is returned by the central bank, not by me… .”

“f*ck your mother!” Elaine slapped the table and yelled, “Hurry up and transfer it to me again! Maybe I will break this bank!”

At this time, Elaine was full of hurriedly getting the 21.9 billion. Even if her mother stood in front of her, she would kick away without hesitation.

She thought that the money was coming soon, but she never dreamed that the central bank returned the money again. What the h*ll? Cheating?

At this moment, there was a rush of footsteps outside the VIP room.

Immediately afterwards, the door was kicked open. A group of police officers with guns and live ammunition quickly rushed in and asked: “Who used the black gold card to transfer the money just now?!”

Dongtao was frightened, and pointed to Elaine tremblingly and said: “This lady, is there any problem?”

The police ignored him and said directly to Elaine: “What’s your name?”

When Elaine saw the police coming, she was shocked and panicked.

what happened? Charlie called the police?

I am his mother-in-law! Should it be illegal for a mother-in-law to take money from her son-in-law?

Just when she was stunned, the police questioned again: “What is your name!”

“I…I…” Elaine said flusteredly: “My name is Elaine…”

The police said coldly: “Elaine, right? You are now officially arrested by us for being suspected of participating in a major bank fraud case!”

After that, he shouted to the two people around him: “Handcuff me and take it away!”

When Elaine heard this, her face paled in fright, and she blurted out: “Police officer, misunderstanding, I just came to transfer the account, the card is not mine, and I have not defrauded the bank!”

Officer said coldly: “Let’s say these things when you arrive in the interrogation room. As servants of the people, we will not wrong any good person, but we will never let any bad person go.”