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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 816 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 816 Start

Stephen breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s good, the Wade family cooperates very closely with the central bank. I say hello, and the money will be returned to your card.”

“Okay.” Charlie also relieved a little.

Two minutes after hanging up the phone, Charlie received another text message on his cell phone:

“Dear Mr. Charlie, RMB 21,900,000,000.00 will be credited to your Black Gold Card account at 15:06 today.”

Charlie breathed a sigh of relief when the money came back.

But then another serious problem came to mind.

Elaine stole his card.

Tried out his own password.

She also saw the amazing balance in his card.

If Claire knew about this incident, how to explain it to her? !

Thinking of this, Charlie’s expression grew colder.

Elaine, thinking that she is Claire’s mother. He has endured her for so long, but she is really playing too much today.

He must not let her go easily today!

So he immediately called Issac again.

On the other end of the phone, Issac’s voice rang respectfully: “Mr. Wade what’s your order?”

Charlie said angrily: “My mother-in-law died, stole my black gold card, and ransacked me 21.9 billion. I am going to teach her a lesson. Please help me contact the relevant department and cooperate.”

Issac said immediately, “Mr. Wade please give me your orders!”

Charlie immediately informed Issac of his arrangements, and said: “You must make arrangements for me, don’t go on a business trip, understand?”

“Understood Master!”


Citibank VIP room.

Elaine refreshed her mobile banking over and over again.

In mobile banking at this time, there was only a pitiful 0.32.

All she was thinking about was that the 21.9 billion hurriedly arrive, so that she could instantly reach the pinnacle of her life!

However, after brushing for a long time, ten minutes passed, and the money has not arrived yet.

She couldn’t help being a little irritable, and was about to scold that Dongtao, when she suddenly received a call from a friend.

“Hey, Elaine, are you going to make a face tomorrow? We are going to form a group and go together.”

Elaine disdainfully said, “Making face? What kind of face? What kind of face do I have, and making faces with you? What the h*ll do you think?”

The voice of the other party immediately changed: “What do you mean by talking that way?”

Elaine sneered: “What do I mean? I tell you that going to a beauty salon to do facials is what people like you do, and I want to buy the beauty salon directly and serve me alone. I will not follow you in the future. This kind of person draws a line!”

The other party said in disbelief: “Elaine, are you crazy? Just you, and you still bought the beauty salon? Are you dreaming!”

Elaine shook her head and said with a sense of superiority: “I have nothing to say with you, poor, I tell you, Elaine is now different from what I used to be. You can’t imagine the money I have in this life.”

The other party sneered and said, “I think you should take medicine!”

After speaking, she directly hung up the phone.

Elaine didn’t care when she was hung up. Now she’s floating all over, like this kind of poor friend, don’t need to touch her, if she sees her in the future. .

So she drank a sip of the top Blue Mountain coffee and watched Dongtao scolded: “Hurry up, do it faster! This Lady’s money hasn’t arrived yet, what are you doing? Believe it or not, I’ll call you tomorrow. Don’t do it?”

Dongtao was very annoyed by Elaine’s arrogant attitude, but he could only bite the bullet and said: “Madam, please wait a moment, the central bank will take time to deal with it!”

Elaine said unreasonably: “I don’t care about your sh!t reasons, you can find out what happened there, otherwise I will just give millions to kill you!”