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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 815 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 815 Start

Charlie, who had always been calm, couldn’t help being dumbfounded when he saw this short breath!

In his Citibank Black Gold Card, there are a total of a little over 21.9 billion in deposits.

Among them, when Stephen first sent the card, there were 10 billion in it;

Then he pitted Kobayashi Pharmaceutical twice. The first time he pitted Kobayashi’s president Masao Kobayashi for 10 billion. After his death, Masao Kobayashi pitted his second son for a billion;

A few days ago, Mr. Song gave him another one-billion-dollar card. He had nowhere to deal with it, so he put the money into this card.

The total revenue is 22 billion.

But I didn’t spend a lot of money, so in total he still has 21.9 billion plus tens of millions of change.

Now they were transferred away at 21.9 billion. Who did it? !

The first thing he thought of was the Wade Family.

Could it be that he was reluctant to return to Wade’s house for so long, and that Wade’s family took back the money in his card?

Then the big family won’t take away his own money, right?

Wade family is unlikely, then it might be stolen!

However, the black gold card is said to have very powerful chip encryption and the possibility of forgery is extremely low, so it is possible that the card has been stolen!

Thinking of this, he immediately put down his teacup and walked to the second floor.

Jacob hurriedly asked, “Charlie, where are you going? Great tea, go after drinking?”

Charlie waved his hand: “Dad, I have something urgent to deal with. I will get you some real good tea to taste.”

After speaking, the person ran up the stairs.

Jacob sighed and sighed: “Hey, this kid, you don’t know how to drink such good tea. What kind of real good tea can you make for me? Don’t let people fool you and burn you up.”

Charlie rushed back to the room at this time, the first thing was to look for his black gold card in his coat.

Some coats, sure enough!

d*mn it.

This is a bit of a pull.

The security of Tomson Villa is so good, who can steal his card?

Besides, if they steal the card, they don’t know the password! The password is his birthday, even if they try, it must be someone who knows him before they have the chance to try it out…

At this time, a familiar face suddenly popped out of his mind.


It’s definitely her!

When Charlie thought of this, his expression immediately went cold.

“Okay, you usually make a bad habit, just forget it, and steal the money?”

The point is, she is so bold! 21.9 billion, she is not scared after seeing it? Her heart is so dark!

Thinking of this, he immediately took out his cell phone and called Stephen.

On the other side of the phone, Stephen’s old and steady voice came: “Mr. Wade what’s your order?”

Charlie said coldly: “My black gold card is stolen, and the money inside is also taken away.”

Stephen hurriedly asked, “Mr. Wade how many are there in total?”

Charlie said: “21.9 billion!”

“So many?!” Stephen was surprised. It didn’t take long for the 10 billion to be given to Charlie, how could it become 21.9 billion so quickly? The speed of making money is impressive, Mr. Wade is too awesome, right?

However, he was not overly surprised, but hurriedly and professionally judged: “So much money is transferred out, the central bank will definitely check it first. That is to say, the money is now out of your card to the central bank’s settlement center. After the approval, the money will be released to the other party. The amount is so large that it will probably take at least an hour. Mr. Wade how long has your money been out?”

Charlie said: “A few minutes, not too long.”