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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 814 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 814 Start

Dongtao said immediately: “I am reminding that the money has been transferred out.”

Elaine hurriedly turned on the phone, opened her mobile bank, went in and took a look, and asked in surprise, “Why haven’t it arrived?”

Dongtao hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, this is 21.9 billion after all. The banking system has to repeatedly confirm such a large amount and report it to the central bank for the record, so it will take a while to get the account.”

Elaine was a little impatient, and asked: “Are you f*cking bullshitting with me? Have to wait? How long will it take?!”

Dongtao said: “This is uncertain. If it is fast, it will take tens of minutes, if it is slow, it will be up to one working day.”

Elaine said angrily: “Why is it going to take so long! Let it be faster, or I will let you Citibank fire you!”

Dongtao said helplessly: “This is not something I can control, it’s the central bank’s decision. Even if you go to the court to sue me, I can’t help it…”

Elaine saw that Dongtao was indeed unable to affect this speed, and said angrily: “I knew it was so slow. I would transfer a million first, and then transfer the rest. I am really mad at myself now!”

Dongtao hurriedly said, “You can wait here for a while and have a look.”

She was already scratching her heart at this time.

21.9 billion!

She felt uncomfortable when the account arrived one second late.

But she has no other way, she can only wait.

So she said coldly: “I’m waiting here, go and pour me a cup of coffee! Want the best one!”

Dongtao hurriedly said: “I’ll go and pour it for you!”


At this moment.

After Charlie came out of the kitchen, Jacob waved at him, smiled and said, “Good son-in-law, come sit down and have a cup of tea.”

“Okay.” There was no one at home, and Charlie didn’t be polite with Jacob, so he sat directly in front of him.

Jacob hurriedly poured him a cup of tea, and said with a smile: “Oh, thanks to your blessing, I have the opportunity to sit in this big villa and drink tea. Come and taste it.”

Charlie nodded, smiled and said, “Thank you Dad.”

After speaking, he picked up the teacup and took a bite, shaking his head secretly.

Jacob really didn’t have much money, and he lived relatively cheaply. The tea was worth up to three hundred a kilogram, and he still enjoyed drinking it.

Jacob smiled and said at this time: “This tea is a good thing. I secretly bought it from the granddaughter of a tea farmer on WeChat. It was 5,000 a kilogram. I was not willing to buy more, so I bought two taels. I usually don’t want to drink it. “

Charlie asked in surprise: “The tea farmer’s granddaughter? It’s not the grandfather who is sick and has no money to see a doctor, and sells his top-quality tea cheaply?”

“Oh, how do you know?” Jacob smiled and said: “Good tea is also to be picked up, and the opportunity is rare. If you drink it well, I will get you some when I look back.”

Charlie sighed helplessly, and said, “Dad, you have cheated people. Those are all routines, not true.”

“How is it possible?” Jacob said with a serious face, “I’m so good with little girls! There are still many videos and photos in the circle of friends.”

Charlie smiled and said, “It’s all fabricated fake materials. Maybe it’s a big guy who is talking with you.”

When speaking, Charlie also secretly thought in his heart that Jacob had indeed had a hard time, he had never seen any good things.

The tea that he drank with his father when he was young was not sold by two pounds, but by grams, and no tea was cheaper than gold.

However, this kind of good thing, father-in-law must have never tasted it. It seems that he has a chance to make some good tea for him, so that he will also have a long experience.

At this moment, his mobile phone suddenly received a text message.

“Dear Mr. Charlie, your black gold card account was successfully transferred out of RMB 21,900,000,000.00 at 15:02 today.”

Charlie frowned when he saw this text message.